Certified Managerial Coach Program

With the unprecedented shift of generations in the workforce, as well as expectations of both workers and their employers, coaching has become a truly strategic skill set needed to support employee development and management succession strategies. The Coles College Certified Managerial Coach Certificate Program will help you address these challenges and develop a more engaged workforce.

Managing for Success

Our distinctive programs are designed to enhance your leadership skill set through the following:

  • Education – combined with experience – in the specific competencies required to coach.

  • Self-awareness and understanding of personal strengths and vulnerabilities as a coach.

  • Experience as a coachee.

  • Coaching skills demonstrated by the participant and evaluated by an accredited faculty using direct supervision and a written examination.


There are several different options available to enhance your coaching skills: Our Level 1 program, Introduction to Managerial Coaching focuses on acquiring the foundational skills required to be an excellent managerial coach. Level 2, Managerial Coach Mastery, is a seven-day intensive follow-on program that focuses on the application of coaching leadership within all aspects of management. Successful completion of both levels will earn you the designation of “Certified Managerial Coach” or “CMC”.

  • Leadership - Understanding of Managerial Coaching as a Key Element in the Practice of Leadership

  • Coaching - Development of Managerial Coaching Skills for Bottom Line Results

  • Practicum - Supervision of Managerial Coaching In and Outside the Program

Registration and Fees

Certified Managerial Coach Certificate Program: $3,900 USD
Level I: $900 USD
Level II: $3,000 USD

Special Certified Managerial Coach Certificate Program for Coles EMBA: $2,900 USD

Discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same firm.

Registration and Payment Options

Please contact Jen Renshaw to register.
Email: Jen_Renshaw@kennesaw.edu
Phone: 470-578-6050