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Leadership Excellence

The Digital Badge in Leadership Excellence program is designed for professionals at all levels who want to elevate their potential as leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Master the 8 leader roles and 24 skills that deliver excellence and make you a highly-respected leader inside your organization.

The program content is designed and delivered by award-winning business school professors, senior executives, and leadership authors and experts from around the world.

Designed with You in Mind

  • 100% online – Perfect for Working Professionals 
  • Self-Paced Learning – Anytime, 24/7. Take up to one year to complete.
  • Game-ified Learning Platform – Powered by Rali, an award-winning platform. Experience learning that's engaging, relevant, and fun.

Gain Knowledge in the Following Key Topics

Master the 8 Leader Roles and the 24 Leadership Skills:

  • Leader as Director: Communicate the vision, Set SMART Goals, Delegate Effectively
  • Leader as Producer: Drive productivity, Build a positive culture, Manage time and stress
  • Leader as Mentor & Coach: Understand self, Develop and coach others, Communicate effectively
  • Leader as Facilitator: Build and lead teams, Manage conflict, Foster collaboration
  • Leader as Monitor: Manage information, Monitor performance, Measure quality
  • Leader as Coordinator: Design the workflow, Drive efficiencies, Lead and manage projects
  • Leader as Innovator: Lead positive change, Think creatively, Cultivate a culture of innovation
  • Leader as Broker: Build and nurture relationships, Negotiate agreements, Present inspiring ideas

Add Value to Your Organization

  • Master the 8 leader roles for leadership excellence
  • Learn from leadership experts as they share, through video, how to crack the leadership code
  • Earn a digital badge in Leadership Excellence
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Registration and Fees

$895 per person

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