You have never experienced online learning like this before! These Digital Badge mobile-learning programs are designed using the best practices in gamification, micro-learning and on-the-job application. We know you're busy so these executive education programs are delivered directly to your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Just enough knowledge, just in time!

Account Management (100% online)

This mobile-learning program is your opportunity to master the account management principles made famous by the creators of the Clients for Life® client retention process. You will learn best practices for winning and retaining client loyalty in a low-bid world. The main topics include understanding and managing client expectations, building professional relationships and delivering technical expertise. The lead instructors are John Gamble and Steve Wurzbacher who are world-renowned experts in account management and client retention. Earn your digital badge in Account Management.

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Fundamentals of Professional Selling (cohort-based, 100% online)

This new mobile-learning program is being designed by the faculty members who lead the top-ranked Center for Professional Selling located in the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. The topics include: Mastering the professional sales process, Prospecting and qualifying, Handling objections, Understanding the customer’s needs, Presenting and delivering the solution, Gaining the customer’s trust and commitment, and Following up with empathy and professionalism. The lead instructors are Dr. Terry Loe, Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales and Co-Director of the Center for Professional Selling; and Dr. Scott Inks, Associate Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales and Co-Director of the Center for Professional Selling. Earn your digital badge in Professional Selling. Cohorts begin March 1, May 3, and July 6, 2021. 

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Digital Badge in Customer Centricity Program (100% Online)

This mobile-learning program focuses on the concept of customer-centric marketing and what it means to be a customer-centric organization. The topics covered include the evolution of the marketing practice, the definition and strategic advantage of customer centricity, and the ten strategies on how to integrate and organize marketing functions around the customer. The lead instructor is Dr. Jagdish Sheth, renowned scholar and internationally recognized thought leader who is known best for his expertise in consumer psychology, relationship marketing, competitive strategy and geopolitical analysis.

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Leadership Excellence

This very popular mobile-learning program is your opportunity to develop the leadership knowledge and skills you need to take your career, or your organization, to the next level! The topics include: Aim for excellence, Learn the 8 leader roles, Create an inspiring vision, Set SMART goals, Delegate effectively, Drive productivity, Foster a positive work environment, Manage stress, Understand self and others, Communicate effectively, Develop others, Coach for performance, Coach for development, Build teams, Lead teams, Resolve conflicts, Manage Time, Manage information, Make decisions participatory, Define and scope projects, Build schedules and budgets, Manage across functions, Create change readiness, Lead positive change, Think creatively, Cultivate innovation, Build and nurture relationships, Exercise power and influence, Negotiate commitments and Present inspiring ideas. The lead instructor is award-winning Professor Dr. Steve Olson, an expert in leadership and innovation. Earn your digital badge in Leadership Excellence.

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Innovation White Belt Program (100% Online)

This mobile-learning program will help you develop a deep understanding of the practices and processes that drive the innovative ideas that truly create and deliver game-changing value. The topics include: Unravel the mystery of innovation, Innovate in three dimensions, Create a category killer, Map the innovation genome, Innovate continuously, Compete creatively, Think differently, Innovate smartly, Innovate or die, Become the disruption, Visualize your business model and Prototype for profit. The lead instructor is award-winning Professor Dr. Steve Olson, an expert in leadership and innovation.

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