The CSM is working to improve experiences in our courses and programs to help foster success for students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our goal is to mentor, empower, and guide students by developing them holistically — personally, intellectually, and professionally — in an inclusive environment where all students feel supported by faculty, staff, and administrators as they work toward completing their degree programs. 

As part of this effort, the CSM is interested in involving students in shaping our efforts to ensure that we understand and are responsive to students’ interests and needs through the curriculum, program design, support structures, and decisions that impact the student experience. To this end, we invite students to become active partners in this effort to make improvements for current and future students. Dean’s Scholars would work closely with peers, faculty, staff, and administrators to help:

  1. Design/redesign degree courses and curricula to reflect students’ professional goals and to complement their life experiences
  2. Evaluate the progress the CSM is making in transforming our courses and curriculum through engaging in research on teaching and learning in science and mathematics courses
  3. Work with other students across the college to expand the student voice represented in these important endeavors and ensure that no student groups are left out of the important inclusive work
  4. Develop the CSM culture to create and support an inclusive environment

We value the time that our Dean’s Scholars invest in this work and only ask them to be engaged as much as their studies and schedules allow. If you believe that you have the right skills to make a difference for the diversity of CSM students whom we serve, please contact Dr. Kadian M. Callahan to discuss this opportunity. We look forward to working with you!