Kennesaw State University CARE Services

Kennesaw State University (KSU) has been charged with overseeing the Priority Model. KSU will provide administrative oversight for the Coordinator for the Priority Model. 

Campus Awareness, Resource & Empowerment (CARE) Services is a front runner for universities across the nation, offering services to students who are homeless, food insecure, or have experienced the foster care system. CARE Services comprehensively and strategically supports students on campus and will continue to support the Priority Model. Although more and more universities are beginning to address these issues, CARE Services is still one of the first to do so, and the services offered makes the program one for the most comprehensive in the county. 

Due to the services already provided by KSU CARE Services, the Priority Model has a solid foundation to ensure its capacity to fulfill the role of serving Priority Model Students.

Care Services

Technical College Systems of Georgia (TCSG)

Priority Students are exposed to an early access to college and career exploration through the programs and trades available to them at TCSG. Through this partnership, we are able to provide Priority Students with the resources they need to participate in Dual Enrollment and earn college credit while in high school. These students are able to take this time to learn a trade or jump start their college experience, and leave with college credits they can transfer to their four year college or university upon graduating high school.


Georgia Student Finance Commission(GSFC)

The mission of the Georgia Student Finance Commission is to promote and increase access to education beyond high school for Georgians. 

GSFC partners with high schools, colleges and community organizations to conduct events that include general and state financial aid information meetings, FAFSA Completion assistance, college fairs and more. The GSFC Outreach Team provides in-person trainings, workshops and information sessions across the state and collaborates with GEAR UP Georgia to ensure that our Priority Students are aware and able to take advantage of their services, to help the entire family plan for college. 

GSFC works with GEAR UP Georgia to provide this FREE service to help students and their families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the federal application for financial aid (grants, work-study and loans) to pay for college. Priority Students are able to learn what documentation is needed, how to get started and what happens once they’ve submitted the application.

GSFC Financial Aid Schedule

The Scholarship Academy

The Scholarship Academy (TSA) is a comprehensive, scholarship preparatory program that teaches low-income and Priority Students, first generation college students to navigate the maze of financial aid in order to fund their college education.

Founded by Howard University graduate Jessica Johnson, TSA specializes in breaking down the scholarship process into realistic terms for all students. Johnson is well-versed in navigating the financial aid system, having received more than $200,000 in scholarships herself.

Priority Students learn to negotiate their own financial aid packages, manage and prepare for tuition increases and independently navigate the scholarship pool.  The goal of Scholarship Academy isn’t just to get students to college financially, but empower them with the tools needed to stay there. Our students are equipped with the skills needed to reduce debt throughout school, increasing the likelihood of graduation.

The Scholarship Academy

EMBARK Georgia

EMBARK Georgia is a statewide network of support for youth who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness and are enrolled or interested in attending any postsecondary educational institution in Georgia.

GEAR UP Georgia partners with EMBARK to provide our first year college students with additional resources and an on-campus mentor at all public institutions who is designated to answering questions for youth experiencing foster care or homelessness.