Bachelor of Science in Public Health

The Kennesaw State University Public Health degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to pursue a career as a health specialist, otherwise known as a health educator.  As a health educator, you’ll teach people essential methods to help improve their quality of life and overall well-being.

As a health specialist, you’ll serve your community in many ways, using health-focused strategies to improve the well-being of community members. You can work in hospitals, clinics, schools and universities, government offices, businesses, and non-profit organizations. The skills you gain from this degree will prepare you to create, implement, manage, and analyze programs and strategies that promote health and well-being.

You will learn to meet the needs modeled by the National Commission for Health Education in the seven areas below: 

  • Area I: Assess Needs, Resources, and Capacity for Health Education/Promotion
  • Area II: Plan Health Education/Promotion
  • Area III: Implement Health Education/Promotion 
  • Area IV: Conduct Evaluation and Research Related to Health Education/Promotion
  • Area V: Administer and Manage Health Education/Promotion
  • Area VI: Serve as a Health Education/Promotion Resource Person
  • Area VII: Communicate, Promote, and Advocate for Health, Health Education/Promotion, and the ProfessionH3 Health Science Job Market

Degree concentrations offered in:

  • Community Health
  • Worksite Health Promotion
  • Health Coaching and Patient Education

Public Health Internships

With internship opportunities in Public Health, you can utilize fieldwork toward internship credits.

Learn more about Public Health Internship eligibility and admission requirements.



KSU public health education students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Program Format: Face-to-Face, Online or Hybrid

Number of Credit Hours: 120 Total Hours

Entry Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Time to Complete: Four-year Program

Primary Campus: Kennesaw

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Degree Pathway

Stay on path for graduation by using the degree pathway that maps out your courses by semester and by year.

Public Health Degree Pathway
degree pathway

Public Health Degree Benefits at Kennesaw State

  • Engaged – You will have the opportunity to be engaged in the community through internships, service learning, and volunteer activities to improve the lives of community residents 

  • Hands-On - The focus of Wellstar College, in addition to academic excellence, is community-based service-learning. As a student, you will have the opportunity to interact with highly qualified, well-respected faculty and become involved with a wide variety of community activities, from student teaching, clinical projects, internships, and community service projects to interacting with community experts. We offer a "real-life" instead of an "ivory tower" education for the success of our graduates in the job market.

  • Public Health Internship – You have the opportunity to participate in the Public Health Internship.  The internship is a 12-credit hour capstone experience (two Seminar credit hours and ten Internship credit hours, including 400 field-based hours) offered each semester for eligible students.  

  • Enriching Facilities - Wellstar College has “smart” classrooms incorporating top-notch technology to make learning less complicated. 

What can you do with a Public Health degree?


  • Community Health Specialist
  • Quality Improvement Coordinator
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Research Assistant
  • Health Education and Counseling
  • Epidemiologist
  • Health Analyst
  • Environmental Health Scientist
  • Demographer
  • Public Health Adviser


Public Health Specialist Salary and Career Information

With the National CDC in Georgia's backyard, you’ll experience the need for health education specialists firsthand. You'll be able to join community health workers employed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Double Owl

Double Owl Pathway

Double Owl Pathways allows undergraduate students to obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees at significantly lower costs and in less time than pursuing each degree separately. KSU offers a variety of Pathways to choose from various disciplines, allowing students to graduate sooner and get a head start on their future careers.

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