Minor in Linguistics

The Minor in Linguistics will deepen your understanding of the nature of language. Linguistics addresses two fundamental questions: What is language? And how does it work? Courses in this minor explore issues such as language history, structure, and acquisition; dialects; literary language; and the relationship between language and society. The minor will be useful to you as you pursue careers in fields such as teaching, advertising, communications, computer applications, literature, law, government, and non-profit work.


KSU linguistics students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Select four of the following (12 Credit Hours)

  • ANTH 3303: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
  • FL 2209: World Languages and Cultures
  • FLED 4408: Second Language Acquisition
  • FREN 4456: Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
  • GRMN 4456: Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
  • INED 4430: Applied Linguistics and English Language Literacy
  • ITAL 4456: Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
  • LING 3020: Linguistics and Literature
  • LING 3025: Linguistics for Education
  • LING 3030: Studies in Grammar and Linguistics
  • LING 3035: Introduction to Language and Linguistics
  • LING 3040: History of the English Language
  • LING 3045: Grammar of Contemporary American English
  • LING 3050: Sociolinguistics
  • LING 3055: Politics and Language
  • LING 3760: World Englishes
  • SPAN 4456: Advanced Grammar and Linguistics

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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