Minor in Professional Writing

The Minor in Professional Writing prepares you to be a critical thinker, careful researcher, and a creative and capable writer who can respond effectively to contemporary writing tasks and opportunities. You will receive advanced instruction in rhetoric, editing, technologies of writing, workshop critique, and the production of workplace, academic, and creative texts.

This minor provides a credential in writing, which is a desirable supplement to a variety of undergraduate majors.


KSU professional writing students in the classroom
  • Program Snapshot

    Select four of the following (12 Credit Hours)

    • LING 3760: World Englishes
    • FILM 3105: Introduction to Screenwriting
    • FILM 3125: Introduction to TV Writing
    • FILM 4105: Advanced Screenwriting
    • FILM 4125: Advanced TV Writing
    • WRIT 3000: Introduction to Creative Writing Genres
    • WRIT 3100: Poetry Writing
    • WRIT 3109: Careers in Writing
    • WRIT 3110: Playwriting
    • WRIT 3111: Professional Editing
    • WRIT 3120: Fiction Writing
    • WRIT 3125: Interactive Narrative & Games
    • WRIT 3130: Literary Nonfiction
    • WRIT 3140: Writing in the Workplace
    • WRIT 3150: Topics in Digital Rhetoric
    • WRIT 3151: Digital Storytelling
    • WRIT 3152: Digital Community Engagement
    • WRIT 3160: Argumentative Writing
    • WRIT 3170: Environmental Writing and Literature
    • WRIT 3210: Graphic Storytelling
    • WRIT 3810: Research Methods for Writers
    • WRIT 3650: Introduction to Literacy Studies
    • Any 4000-level WRIT course

    A fifth course will be selected from the student’s Area F requirements in consultation with the advisor for the professional writing minor.



Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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