Minor in Technical Communication

The Technical Communication Minor helps you gain valuable skills in visual design, usability testing, technical writing and instructional design. In addition, you will learn how to use productivity tools effectively and modern technologies and assess challenges in digital accessibility and search engine optimization. This minor will prepare you for technical communication in multi-media programs and various career settings. 

Additionally, if you have completed your degree and want to come back to KSU for classes that will help you make the next move in your career, then our Technical Communication Certificate is for you. Our Technical Writing (TCOM 2010) class is required for both the minor and certificate. This class introduces the organization, style, and mechanics of technical writing. You will also practice writing specific documents such as technical descriptions, instructions, proposals and recommendation reports.
After taking TCOM 2010, the choice is yours. We offer minor and certificate concentrations in user experience, SEO, instructional design, and more.


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Program Snapshot

Required Courses: 3 credit hours 

  • TCOM 2010: Technical Writing
Additional Courses: 12 Credit Hours
  • TCID 2002: Productivity Tools and Technologies
  • TCID 3400: Front-End Development I
  • TCID 3800: Front-End Development II
  • TCOM 2030: Research in Technical Communication
  • TCOM 2050: Issues in Digital Accessibility
  • TCOM 3011: Technical Writing II
  • TCOM 3020: Grants and Proposals
  • TCOM 3030: Instructional Design
  • TCOM 3070: User Assistance
  • TCOM 3130: Technical Communication: Theory, Ethics, and Practice
  • TCOM 3145: Social Media Infrastructure
  • TCOM 3245: Search Engine Optimization and Analytics
  • TCOM 4000: Technical Editing
  • TCOM 4045: Multi-Media for Technical Communicators
  • TCOM 4050: Instructional Video
  • TCOM 4120: Usability
  • TCOM 3431: Information Design I
  • TCOM 4431: Information Design II

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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