General FAQ's

  • Event access is automatically granted based on an approved event reservation. Access will only be valid during the timeframe of the event. To receive access to your reserved space, event reservations must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the event. For weekend events, reservations must be completed the preceding Friday at 12 PM. 
  • Managers may submit access requests via Kissflow for their new direct reports for specific locations including offices, office suites and buildings once the new employee has received their Talon Card from the Talon One Service Center.

  • You can deactivate your lost card by logging into the   portal. Once you are logged in:

    • Select Card Services on the top of the page.
    • Under Deactivate Card, select the card you wish to deactivate.
    • Click Deactivate Card at the bottom right.

    To obtain a replacement Talon Card please visit the Talon One Service Center.

  • Kissflow is a cloud-based workflow system that streamlines access approvals and allows Door Access to process and grant access as efficiently as possible.

  • Door Access recommends that each department have a staff member with access to all department spaces to assist staff that have forgotten their Talon Card or locked themselves out of their office. Public Safety and Door Access are not authorized to unlock office or building doors. 
  • If a person you supervise or sponsor needs their access removed under urgent circumstances, please email with the individual's full name, KSU ID number and details about what access should be removed. Once your email has been submitted, please call Door Access at 470-578-6726 to let them know you have an urgent access removal request.

  • If a person you supervise or sponsor no longer needs door access, please email with the individual's full name, their KSU ID number and details about what access should be removed.

  • The new manager of the employee should email with the individual's full name, their KSU ID number, details about what access should be removed from their previous role/department and what access should be added for their new role/department.

Access Group FAQ's

    • An Access Group is a grouping of doors a department or subset of employees require access to. For example, all department staff may need access to shared doors such as building entrances, suite entrance(s), conference room(s), hallway doors, breakroom(s), etc., that are shared by the department. This allows department staff to request and gain access to multiple doors rather than requesting doors individually.
    • Door Access maintains a list of Access Groups and updates these as needed when departments and their spaces evolve.
    • For assistance with Access Groups, please email or call 470-578-6726
  • To create or update an Access Group, please email or call 470-578-6726. Our customer service team will assist in developing streamlined Access Groups that work well for your department.
  • Universal Access provides access to locations that KSU employees use as part of their employment. It is automatically granted to faculty and staff within their first week of employment.

HotSpot FAQ's

  • Each time you update your Talon Card it re-authenticates your door access rights. An update is also required when new access privileges are added.

    To update your Talon Card, hold it to a HotSpot. It takes about five seconds to update your Talon Card. To maintain access, update your card Talon Card once every seven days. 

  • The  black or silver card reader devices outside most exterior building doors are HotSpots. These readers update your card even when the building doors are unlocked. If you need help locating a HotSpot, please contact our customer service team at or call 470-578-6726.
  • Please visit the Talon One Service Center to troubleshoot the concern.
  • No. Your Talon Card stores your access in the card; however, you must update your card again at a HotSpot to refresh your access. Until you update, you will not be able to use your Talon Card to access spaces on campus.