These devices are typically located at building entrances. When you present your Talon Card (KSU ID) to the HotSpot, it will authenticate, extend your access rights, update your card with any new access rights, and, if applicable, unlock the door.

How to Use HotSpots

  1. Present your Talon Card (KSU ID) to the HotSpot
  2. Hold your card there until the flashing/beeping stops
  3. Repeat every seven days

It is important to update your card at a HotSpot. For security purposes, your access rights will temporarily expire every seven days. Updating your card at a HotSpot ensures you maintain the appropriate access rights. If you are away from the campus longer than seven days, please update your card at a HotSpot upon your return to the campus.

To update your card, present and hold your Talon Card up to the HotSpot and wait for the light on the HotSpot to stop flashing. This process takes about five seconds. If you remove your card too quickly, the light on the HotSpot will turn red and you will need to try again.

How to Update Your talon card


Stand-Alone Door Locks

These devices are typically located on the door near the door handle. To use the lock, present your Talon Card (KSU ID) to the reader. The door will unlock, and you can turn the handle to open it.

Two-Factor Authentication Locks

In some instances, a door lock will have a keypad on it, allowing it to be used as a two-factor lock where you must use both your card and a 6-digit Lock Access PIN to open the door. This lock works in an identical manner as the above door lock, but after placing your Talon Card to the lock, you will next be required to enter your 6-digit PIN before it will unlock and allow you to open the door. Create a PIN here.

Lock Settings

Exterior locks will lock and unlock according to the building's predetermined schedule. Interior electronic lock settings are configured at installation based on the lock location and type. For questions about lock setting options, please contact the Door Access Department.