Types of Door Access

Kennesaw State University has electronic and mechanical locks on both campuses. Electronic access is issued via your Talon Card  (KSU ID) and hard keys will be issued for mechanical locks. Door access is only granted after the appropriate approvals are received for the requested access. By receiving door access, each individual and the approver agree that access is needed for their role at the University. By accepting door access rights, each individual agrees to:

  • Safeguard their Talon Card (KSU ID) to maintain the security of the campus building or area where the door opens.
  • Protect their Talon Card from theft or loss.
  • Not loan or allow any other individual to use their Talon Card for entry.
  • Assure that doors are locked after entering or leaving.
  • Assume responsibility for the conduct of any person they allow to enter a locked facility.
  • Immediately notify the Talon One Service Center if their Talon Card is lost or stolen.  

Door access is subject to review and regular auditing. KSU reserves the right to deny or revoke access privileges. 


Door Access Room Types

Each room on campus has been assigned a security level with corresponding approvals needed to obtain access to these locations.

    • General classrooms, labs, and meeting spaces are considered Universal Locations.
    • Access is granted to all faculty and staff. No additional approvals are necessary.
    • Most areas are classified as a Standard Location.
    • Access requires approval by the requestor’s supervisor or sponsor.
    • Elevated Risk Locations are rooms containing hazardous materials and/or equipment, financial assets, sensitive data, significant physical assets, or University infrastructure.
    • Access requires approval from the requestor’s supervisor or sponsor as well as approval from the Elevated Risk location approver.

Faculty and Staff Access

    • KSU employees are granted access to Universal Locations during their first week of employment.
    • Additional access can be requested using Kissflow.
    • Classroom access is automatically granted to faculty members based on the room assigned to the course.
    • The access is granted and removed in alignment with the academic schedule to ensure each faculty member can access the classrooms where they teach.
    • Supervisors can request Student Assistant access by using Kissflow.
    • An Access Group is a grouping of doors a department or subset of employees require access to. For example, all department staff may need access to shared doors such as building entrances, suite entrance(s), conference room(s), hallway doors, breakroom(s), etc., that are shared by the department. This allows department staff to request and gain access to multiple doors rather than requesting doors individually.
    • Door Access maintains a list of Access Groups and updates these as needed when departments and their spaces evolve.
    • For assistance with Access Groups, please email dooraccess@kennesaw.edu or call 470-578-6726
    • When requesting access to your departmental areas, please use the pre-built access groups when possible.
    • Submit requests for each individual separately to ensure access is not held up by another person’s pending approval.
    • All requests for access to elevated-risk locations will be directed to the appropriate individuals for approval after supervisor approval has been received.
    • A supervisor or elevated-risk approver can delegate their approval duties to a specific individual for an individual request or for all future requests. To assign a delegate, please email dooraccess@kennesaw.edu 


Student Access

  • Housing and Residence Life manages access to residential living spaces and buildings. Access to these locations is granted based on the terms of the Student Housing License Agreement.

  • Student Academic Access is provided to KSU students who need door access to specific rooms in order to fulfill academic requirements. Academic access is requested by a representative of the college.

  • To request access based on a student’s RSO affiliation, the RSO sponsor can email dooraccess@kennesaw.edu. Please include the student’s name, KSU ID number and details about the access needed. A date for access removal is required.

  • Supervisors can request Student Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant access by using Kissflow.

  • The student’s department sponsor can request access by email to dooraccess@kennesaw.edu. Please include the student’s name, KSU ID number and details about the access needed. A date for access removal is required.