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Global Education is dedicated to supporting the KSU community in their international education and community efforts. There are award and scholarship opportunities provided thanks to our generous donors who continue to support us and our remarkable students, faculty, and alumni.

Each year, Global Education hosts a ceremony and reception to recognize our awardees and our donors, including benefactor, Dr. Jagdish Sheth, who has made it possible for our featured Sheth awards as well as continue with our celebration of these awardees.

2024 Sheth Award Winners

Sheth Faculty Award for Distinguished International Achievement

Dr. Jeongyi Lee

Coordinator of Korean Program and Professor of Korean, Kennesaw State University

Dr. Jeongyi Lee has taught Korean language and culture for over twenty years, focusing directly and indirectly on extending the foreign language paradigms. Dr. Lee received her BA from Seoul National University of Education, her MA from the University of Texas, and her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Georgia. She is currently a Professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Kennesaw State University, where she strives to raise global awareness and understanding through teaching and research that are closely intertwined in her work. Within the purview of second language acquisition, all her research interests are part of the larger enterprise of discovering cultural and linguistic aspects of Korean, contributing to up-to-date foreign language pedagogy theories and practices. Her passion for working with global organizations has enhanced her service initiatives and she has been serving the academic organizations on global levels.
Jeongyi Lee

Sheth International Distinguished Alumni Award for Exceptional Humanitarian and Service Achievement

Dr. Pranaya Rana

Senior Advisor, Government of Nepal Ministry of Youth and Sports

Dr. Pranaya Rana is a scholar-practitioner with two decades of experience in diverse fields including military, education, social services, and public health. He completed his Ph.D. in International Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University in 2016, where he taught as an Assistant Professor until 2018. He is a lifetime Senior Bosserman-UNESCO Fellow. He was awarded Global Engagement Distinction Certification by Kennesaw State University in 2016. While in the U.S., he worked in public health and social services sectors serving vulnerable populations such as refugees, LGBTQ, and other minority groups. Since his return to Nepal, he has been continuously engaged in academic empowerment and socio-political activities. He is currently a full-time politician who contested in the 2020 House of Representatives elections in Nepal representing the National Independent Party. He is a central-level leader of the party and recently, a Senior Advisor at the Government of Nepal Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Pranaya Rana


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