About "Year of..."

For the past 38 years, Kennesaw State University (KSU) has dedicated each academic year to the study of a particular country or region introducing thousands of students to the rich diversity of world cultures that make up the human family. The award-winning program plays a vital role internationalizing our campus and engaging local and global communities. Annually, it results in new courses and curriculum, research projects, education abroad programs, and global partnerships.

Through special lectures, performances, exhibits, seminars and events, the "Year of..." Program helps students break down stereotypes, build connections across cultures, and develop the intercultural competencies needed to act responsibly in today’s complex, interdependent world.

Need Immediate Assistance?

If you are experiencing an international or immigration emergency outside of normal business hours, please contact Global Education staff through the KSU Department of Public Safety and University Police at +1.470.578.6666. Please identify yourself as either: 1.) a student, faculty, or staff member experiencing an emergency abroad or 2.) an international student or scholar for your call to be routed appropriately.

Mission & Goals

Mission: The "Year of..." Program cultivates an interdisciplinary educational platform for campus wide critical exploration of a country through a variety of relevant activities and events to engage KSU students, faculty, and community, and enhance awareness, interest, and understanding of the world.

Vision: A Platform for Global Learning and Engagement

    • Expand participants' cultural knowledge and intercultural skills.
    • Advance KSU's globally-focused curriculum, intercultural expertise, and international partnerships and research collaborations.
    • Support and empower faculty to integrate country specific material as well as education abroad and local intercultural experiences into their curriculum through connections with the local community and partners abroad.
    • Strengthen student engagement in global learning and help prepare students to enter the global society as responsible citizens.
    • Break down stereotypes and connect across cultures by providing participants with a rich, complex sense of place, identity and community (both locally and globally).
    • Competitive College Spotlights that integrate program offerings into course content
    • Team-taught semester-long interdisciplinary course that includes a study abroad component
    • Extensive involvement of local and international community partners, including university partners, consular officials, business leaders, and expatriates
    • Guest lectures featuring national and international experts from various fields/professions (arts, business, education, engineering, health, humanities, science, etc.)
    • Featured films both from and about the country or region of study
    • Featured Theatre, Music and Dance Performances, Art Exhibits, and Culinary Demonstrations
    • Hosting visiting exchange faculty and students, including special residencies for artists, chefs and other specialists


Year of Senegal

Explore a beautiful, culturally-rich country – no passport required! The 2023-24 Year of Senegal will introduce the KSU community to the Gateway to Africa through food, art, economics, music, history, and more. Our hope is to educate, uplift, and cultivate meaningful impact and showcase the vastness of the West African country’s global stamp on labor, trade, and communication.

Over the course of an entire year, students, faculty, staff, and community members will be immersed in Senegalese traditions and innovation with special events, performances, discussions, and more. We look forward to celebrating all that Senegal has to offer with you!

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Past Countries of Study

Over the past years, our dedicated faculty and enthusiastic students have embarked on transformative journeys through our "Year Of" event, immersing themselves in the rich cultures, histories, and traditions of countries from around the world. Each year, we've selected a specific country as the focus of our intensive study, allowing us to delve deep into its unique identity and provide a comprehensive understanding of its people, language, art, cuisine, and much more. Through this annual celebration, we aim to foster global awareness, promote cross-cultural exchange, and cultivate a sense of interconnectedness among our diverse student body.

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Annual Country Study Program Nomination Form

Each year we give students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to nominate a country from a United Nations Geographic Region to be the subject of upcoming "Year of..." program. 

Nominations for the 2025-26 program and the specific region of focus will open in Fall 2023.