The Renewal Process must be completed by all existing RSOs to stay active and registered with KSU.

RSO re-registration for the 2023-2024 academic year is open and must be completed in its entirety by 12 noon on Friday, April 28th. Full instructions can be found below:

  • Even if you completed the required modules in the old Academic Year 2022-2023 online training, you will need to complete the training for AY 2023-2024. The President, Treasurer, and Reservation Delegate must complete the following trainings:

    Officer RSO Basics Module Reservation Requests and Event Planning Module FERPA Training
    President X X X
    Reservation Delegate   X  
    Treasurer X    

    To access the online trainings: 

    1. Log on to CampusTraining with your Net-ID and password.
    2. Scroll down to the "Student Affairs" section.
    3. Select the course "Student Organization Training AY 2023-2024."
    4. Enroll in course.
    5. Officers must complete all videos and quizzes included in the required modules per each position.
    6. Download the Certificate of Completion for each module.

    Students will not receive credit for the course until they view all videos and pass the quiz for the appropriate course(s).  Officers must receive a passing grade of 80% on their respective module quizzes.  You will need to upload the Certificates of Completion in the Owl Life Re-Registration Form as proof of completion.

  • The re-registration form can be submitted by any officer or member of the organization.  The re-registration form may not be submitted by an RSO Advisor.

    Steps to Access and Complete the Owl Life Re-Registration Form: 

    1. Prior to beginning to complete the re-registration form, prepare all required items/information:
      1. List of all organization members’ KSU student email addresses (
      2. Contact information for your on- and off-campus (if applicable) advisor(s)
      3. Your RSO’s currently used Constitution/Bylaws
      4. Certificates of Completion for President, Reservation Delegate, and Treasurer online training modules (see above drop-down)
    2. Click the re-register button and follow the instructions listed on your RSOs re-registration page.
    3. Fill out the form by completing all questions.
      1. Student organizations are required to list three officers (President, Reservation Delegate, and Treasurer), the KSU Advisor(s), and the Off-Campus Advisor (if applicable).  The President automatically has reservation access and cannot be listed as the Reservation Delegate. The President cannot also be listed as the Treasurer.
      2. The most recently approved constitution can be found in the "Documents" section of your RSO's Owl Life page labeled as "[Name of RSO] constitution 23-24."
    4. Complete the Roster step to add all members who are not already on the roster and remove those who graduated or are no longer members.  Instructions on how to manage your Owl Life roster can be found on the Department of Student Activities website.  The individuals serving as the President, Reservation Delegate, Treasurer, and Advisor must be shown on the roster; Student Activities Staff will assign the individuals their positions after the submission of the Re-Registration form.
    5. Add a profile picture or change the existing one.  Remember that the profile picture is displayed as a circle.  The profile picture is your RSO’s logo, you are permitted to use specific KSU trademarks after receiving approval from the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing. Please submit a Design Approval Request to use any trademarks and/or wordmarks of the University.

    Once you complete all the steps of the Re-Registration form, you have a chance to review your submission before finalizing it.  After reviewing your information, be sure you click the blue “Submit for Approval” button.

  • KSU On-Campus Advisors must accept the online Terms and Conditions in Owl Life.  If your Advisor needs, help, please send them these instructions on how to accept the Advisor Terms & Conditions.

RSOs that do not complete the RSO re-registration process by the deadline must complete late re-registration in August to remain active for 2023-2024.  Organizations wishing to participate in the EXTREME Student Involvement Fairs must re-register and sign up for the Involvement Fairs when sign up opens on Friday, April 28th. Organizations wishing to participate in the EXTREME Student Involvement Fairs must re-register AND sign-up for the Involvement Fairs by Friday, August 12th at 12 NOON.

RSOs that do not complete the late re-registration process by the deadline will be marked as "inactive" for the 2023-2024 academic year and will officially lose access to all privileges.  These organizations will need to wait until fall 2023 to re-activate.

Does the Re-Registration process seem overwhelming?  The Department of Student Activities is here to help!  If you would like additional assistance, please schedule a virtual help appointment by emailing, subject “Re-Registration Virtual Help Appointment.”