rso manual

The RSO Manual outlines the expectations and responsibilities of RSOs at Kennesaw State University as well as assists RSOs with their operations.  This manual outlines policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to RSOs.  It is created by the staff in the Department of Student Activities and revisited every year prior to the start of the academic year and may change from academic year to academic year.  As such, this version of the manual should only be referenced within the academic year indicated (2021-2022).  It is by no means exhaustive, but it is a great place to start if you are new to student organizations or a leader in one. In it you will find helpful information regarding the organization and operation of RSOs and policies that impact their work.  Any updates to policies, procedures, guidelines, or regulations to RSO activities (e.g. meetings, events, programs, recruitment, tabling, elections, etc.) provided by Kennesaw State University, the University System of Georgia, or State of Georgia take precedence over any previous documented policies, including those outlined in this manual.

Additional Policies and Regulations

All RSOs are bound by all applicable policies set forth by the Board of Regents and KSU. In addition to the policies outlined in this manual, other policies and regulations which apply to RSOs include, but are not limited to, the following:

*All official policies of Kennesaw State University can be found in the KSU Policy Portal.

RSO Accountability Flowcharts

When a Registered Student Organization violates the RSO Manual, Student Codes of Conduct, or other KSU policies or regulations, the following processes will be used to work with the RSO through the situation in order to reach a resolution: