Teacher Guides by Grade

Discover an invaluable resource for educators with our Teacher Guides at the Museum of History and Holocaust Education. Tailored to specific grade levels, these guides provide a curated collection of educational materials, ensuring a meaningful exploration of history and the Holocaust in the classroom.

georgia journeys

Georgia Journeys: Legacies of WWII

Learn about the lives of World War II veterans, home front workers, and Holocaust survivors who came to call Georgia their home. 
Grades 5-12

tuskegee airmen

The Tuskegee Airmen

Based on our most widely-viewed traveling exhibition, this lesson plan studies African American pilots and Civil Rights pioneers who flew in World War II combat missions for their country amidst racism and Jim Crow segregation at home.
Grades 5-12

remembering revensbruck

Remembering Ravensbrück

Learn about the experience of women in the Holocaust through the case study of the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Grades 5-12

king and heschel

Enduring Tension: (En)Countering Antisemitism in Every Age

This teacher’s guide accompanies the traveling exhibit Enduring Tension: (En)Countering Antisemitism in Every Age, which explores the history of antisemitism and the struggle against it. Grades 5-12

music in the holocaust

Music in the Holocaust

Presented in partnership with the Kennesaw State University College of the Arts and the Georgia Humanities Council. Grades 6-12


The Power of Propaganda

Learn about the use of propaganda in the 1930s and 1940s and practice and hone your students' visual literacy skills. Grades 8-12


Beyond Rosie: Women in WWII

An in-depth exploration of the diverse experiences of American women in World War II.
Grade 5 Grades 9-12

letters from home

Letters from Home

Learn about V-Mail and honor a current service-person in this writing activity.

Grades 5-8

butterfly project

The Butterfly Project

Honor, remember, and reflect on the 1.5 million young people who perished in the Holocaust by creating a butterfly in their memory.

Grade 5-8

never forget

Never Forget: An Introduction to the Holocaust

The "Never Forget" teacher's guide, created in support of our newest traveling exhibition, is designed specifically to help you guide your 5th grade students through this difficult topic.

Grade 5

how the war shaped the middle east

How War Shaped the Middle East

This teacher's guide is designed to educate students about the effects of war on the creation of the modern Middle East, specifically the foundation of the State of Israel.
Grade 7

ga journeys online

Georgia Journeys: Online Exhibit Exploration

This guide accompanies the Georgia Journeys online exhibit and focuses on individuals highlighted in the Georgia Standards of Excellence for 8th Grade Social Studies.

Grade 8

bell bomber

Georgia in World War II: The Bell Bomber Plant

Educate your students about the role Georgia played in WWII and its impact on the people of Marietta.
Grade 8

parallel journeys

Parallel Journeys

Parallel Journeys: WWII and the Holocaust through the Eyes of Teens tells the stories of forty teenagers who were witnesses, participants, and often victims of World War II and the Holocaust.

Grades 9-12

tragedy of war

Tragedy of War: Japanese American Internment

This guide helps educate students about the history of this important period and asks students to consider a question that resonates today: At what point should the rights of citizens be limited or denied to ensure our nation is secure?

Grades 9-12

how woudl you vote

How Would You Vote?

This activity helps your students understand why many voted for Hitler in the 1932 German elections.

Grades 9-12