Accessibility at the MHHE 

The Museum of History and Holocaust Education (MHHE) at Kennesaw State University is dedicated to accessibility. We strive to remove barriers and create accessible and inclusive spaces everywhere: onsite, offsite, and online.

A woman guides a man in a wheelchair through an exhibit


Our Standards

The MHHE strives to provide accessible and inclusive access to our exhibits, space, and resources. Here is what you should expect from us:

    • Wheelchair accessible doors with push-button opening options.
    • Maneuverability within exhibition spaces.
    • Exhibit content at heights accessible to someone using a wheelchair.
    • Pull-cards and/or digital options for the few locations where content is installed too high to be viewed comfortably from a wheelchair. 
    • Video screens in intro space, theater, and back exhibit space. You can pre-request if you'd like the sound to be turned off for your visit.
    • Benches located throughout the exhibit spaces for rest.
    • Public restrooms located near the exhibit spaces. 
    • Exhibit panels should meet comfort and readability standards for font size and color contrast.
    • Audio descriptions for most exhibitions are available to download from our website. See specific exhibit pages for content. See our front desk to check out equipment to access audio descriptions onsite. 
    • Our web pages and downloadable content should be screen-reader friendly. In cases where that isn't so, screen-reader friendly versions should be available for most content.
    • All video content should be closed-captioned.
    • You may request ASL interpretation in advance of your visit.
    • Most exhibition and educational content is geared toward a 5th grade English reading level or higher.
    • We are working to provide exhibit translations in various non-English languages. Contact us in advance or see our front desk for available resources.
    • Exhibition text should be inclusive and welcoming except in cases where accurate historical context requires otherwise. Even in those cases, we try to approach potentially harmful content with sensitivity.

Requesting Resources

If you need additional resources for your visit to the MHHE, please reach out to us and we will be happy to work with you. We can provide the  following resources: 

    • We will do our best to honor requests for ASL interpretation, but we need at least one week's notice to arrange it.
    • To request ASL interpretation for a visit or program, please contact us at 470-578-2083 or email  
    • Audio descriptions are available to download from our website for all of our traveling exhibitions. 
    • For on-site access to audio descriptive tours, please see our office manager at the front desk or call 470-578-2083 or email before your visit. 
    •  If you would like to arrange a visit where video and audio content is muted, please call 470-578-2083 or email at least a week before you are planning to visit so that our staff can meet your needs within our field trip schedule.
    • Please stay tuned for more information about Sensorty Kits coming soon!
    • If you or a member of your party use a wheelchair and would like digital or pull-card access to exhibition content rendered difficult to view due to its height above the ground, please see our office manager at the front desk or call 470-578-2083 or email before your visit. 
    • Please note, that this situation only exists in our Threads of Memory exhibition. 
    • The MHHE has a growing collection of resources in languages other than English, especially German and Spanish.
    • We are also aware that some of our content is challenging to understand for people with lower levels of reading proficiency, regardless of their preferred language.
    • Please stay tuned for information about requesting resources for English language learners and exhibit reading levels!

We want your feedback!

At the MHHE, we seek to meet and exceed our accessibility standards. Please take a moment to share your feedback about your experiences with us today!

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