Owl Transfer Credit Database

Wondering how your courses from other institutions will transfer to KSU?

Kennesaw State University has an online tool that can help determine how your credits could transfer into KSU. The Owl Transfer Credit Database lists courses from other institutions and the KSU equivalents. These listings are not comprehensive and may be subject to change without notice. Below is a quick guide for using the tool.

Transfer Equivalency Guide

  • Your previous courses will be assigned KSU course numbers for those deemed equivalent.
  • An elective credit is identified with a KSU prefix, i.e., MATH or ELEC, then the next number is the course level (1-4) followed by a T to symbolize transfer. The last two numbers are randomly assigned to each elective course (00-99) (i.e ELEC 1T00 or PSYC 3T00).
  • All education, computer science, nursing, music, art, theatre, dance, engineering, engineering technology, architecture and construction management courses will be initially assigned elective numbers (1T00-4T99). Academic departments will do secondary review upon entry into those majors.
  • Please note that the Owl Transfer Credit Database is not comprehensive and for guidance purposes only - the equivalences can and will change. An official review of prior coursework will occur upon admittance and this may differ from has previously been presented through the database.

We invite you to review our transfer articulation agreements  to see if we have one with your home institution. These transfer agreements allow for certain courses to be a guaranteed transfer and applicable into KSU degree program.



  • When direct equivalence of a transferred credit to a KSU course is not possible, elective credit may be awarded. 

    A student may request a transfer equivalence review of transferred elective credit. The student must provide evidence, including syllabi, plans of study, and information on the content of the course or courses being requested to their academic advisor. The academic advisor will determine whether the request is to be forwarded to their academic unit or forwarded to TESS. In collaboration with the academic units, a decision to change or keep the established equivalence for the course or courses requested will be provided to the student. No additional requests will be allowed after this final decision. Elective credit awarded from PLA is not eligible for equivalence reevaluation.