To support and encourage young adult recovery and wellness by providing recovery-based programs and engaging in collaborative research and education at Kennesaw State University and the local, state, and national community. The Center for Young Adult Addiction Recovery strives to improve knowledge and understanding of young adult addiction through transformational addiction recovery research.


To be the nationally recognized leader in the development of addiction education, intervention strategies, and research in recovery science.


Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration

The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery (CYAAR or the Center) provides a strong foundation and organizational base for research, education, and community development in the field of young adult addiction and recovery. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to research by collaborating with local, state and national organizations along with University faculty, staff and students to facilitate the understanding and development of recovery science.  The Center conducts interdisciplinary collaborative research incorporating the student recovery experience as a means to identify the transformative process, which in turn will inform prevention, education, treatment and recovery itself.  The resulting information will assist in improving and impacting the experience of students involved with addiction recovery at KSU and nationwide.

The CYAAR, through the Collegiate Recovery Community, offers structure and support to college students in recovery and also provides clinical support to those in the community taking steps toward recovery. The KSU CYAAR is recognized for its vision, leadership, and innovation because of its broad reach and influence through research and engagement at the University, community, state and national levels.

During the next decade, the CYAAR has a unique opportunity to expand its programs by engaging in cutting-edge research to become a leader in recovery science and education in young adult addiction and recovery. By raising awareness and demonstrating a clear connection to student success, the CYAAR continues to develop a strong financial base inclusive of foundations, university grants, and private donors. These provide the basis for furthering research and education in recovery science in addition to building a pathway for academic degree programs thus contributing to the potential for the CYAAR and KSU to serve as an education innovator offering cutting-edge curriculum and research partnerships.