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Collegiate Recovery Scholarship Breakfast photo from 2022
Man speaking at the 2022 Collegiate Recovery Scholarship Breakfast


Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute estimates that substance use costs the United States more than $532 billion annually. There are the costs related to the judicial system, healthcare costs, and lost productivity at school and work. In addition to the costs to taxpayers and employers, friends and families spend time, money, and their emotional bandwidth in support of their loved ones facing addiction. Most costly of all is the expense to the individual who loses hopes and dreams, or worse, their life. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that for every $1 invested into treatment, approximately $4-$7 are saved in societal costs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration further estimates that every $1 invested in prevention could save as much as $18 in societal costs. But what about investing in the individuals who have successfully overcome their addictions? 

At Kennesaw State University’s Center for Young Adult Addiction in Recovery, we see the transformation that occurs when people in recovery are given the opportunity to pursue their education. The societal costs are reduced, but more importantly, these students’ hopes and dreams are re-invigorated. Their relationships with family and friends are healed. Like the other students graduating from Kennesaw State, students in recovery become valued and coveted professionals.  

We encourage you to invest in recovery. Whether you invest money, time, attention, mentorship, second chances, or whatever it is that you have to give – we know that investing in recovery will pay dividends. Please join us at this year’s Collegiate Recovery Scholarship Breakfast to see the returns on investing in recovery. The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery provides services across the continuum of care, including prevention, intervention, on-going clinical support, and recovery support services.

Your investment can change lives.

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