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Nature Bound is an outdoor recreation program at Kennesaw State University that provides outdoor pursuits for the KSU community. Nature Bound offers both recreational and educational opportunities for everyone – novice to expert. Nature Bound is founded on the principles of experiential learning to develop knowledge, leadership, and community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • KSU students, faculty, staff and those with active memberships (ex. Alumni, Outdoor Adventures) are eligible to register and attend Nature Bound trips. 

  • Registration for trips is located in the Outdoor Adventures Suite located in room 1050 of the Student Recreation and Activities Center. For online registration, visit our Sports and Recreation Member Portal.
  • Payments are due at the time of registration in full, with the exception of trips with a deposit. Currently, we are only able to accept payments in the form of cash, check or K-Cash for in-person registrations so please come prepared! Credit cards are accepted only if the registration is processed online.
  • There are no regular meetings for Nature Bound. However, if you register for an overnight trip there will be a mandatory pre-trip meeting which typically occurs on Wednesday nights the week of the trip.
  • Only on rare occasions will refunds be given. In the case of a trip being canceled, every participant will receive a refund. Participants may also get a refund if they find an eligible replacement to take their place on a trip. (i.e. someone on the waiting list). A refund packet must be completed by the participant and turned into the Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator within 2 weeks of the canceled trip. Once the Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator receives all forms, a check will be mailed to the participant’s home within two weeks.
  • Each trip is different, but usually included in the trip price is transportation, activity specific gear, vendor/guide for the activity, trip leader service and some food. For more details about a specific trip feel free to contact us!
  • Pre-trip meetings are the Trip Leader’s opportunity to provide relevant information concerning the trip to all participants. Trip Leaders should use this opportunity to have participants’ complete paperwork, give trip specific information, review safety protocols, check gear, and establish time deadlines. Trip Leaders should be confident that participants know and understand the dangers/risks associated with a specific trip at the end of this meeting. Pre-trip meetings are mandatory for all participants. If a participant doesn’t attend a pre-trip meeting and does not contact and meet with the Trip Leader prior to the pre-trip meeting s/he will not be allowed to attend the trip and will not receive a refund.
  • No way! All of our trips are geared toward beginners, but they are also great for those already involved in the activity as well. Trips that are for those more experienced will be noted that way.
  • Yes! For more information and to apply, visit our student employment webpage!
  • Trip leaders are current KSU students with a passion for the outdoors. Trip Leaders plan all aspects of the trip and are here to answer your questions. Contact information for your trip leaders is given on each information sheet once you register for the trip.
  • There are a limited amount of spots on each trip. They are filled on a first come, first served basis. Trips that are not completely full will end the Wednesday before the trip.