Personal Training Prep Course

Ready to start helping others, but not sure how to get there? The process to become a Personal Trainer is an incredibly rewarding experience but it requires patience, time and commitment. The OwlFit Personal Training Course will help you get there. 

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Group Fitness Instructor Practical Skills Training Course

This is a practical application course that will prepare you to teach group fitness classes. Learn how to effectively design and deliver safe group fitness classes. Class participants will practice and demonstrate their skills while receiving coaching and feedback from their instructor. The course learning objectives are class formatting, class introductions, warm-ups, cool-downs, cueing strategies, movement patterns, class design, modifications, progressions, and practical assessment.  

Topics Include but not limited to: 

  • Teaching basics (class format, five components of a workout, etc.) 
  • Primary Movement Patterns  
  • Class Design 
  • Instructor Cueing & Cool Downs 
  • Cardio Format 
  • Strength Format 
  • Mindbody Format
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Small Group Coaching

Achieving real fitness results can be challenging, but the best part is you don’t have to journey alone. OwlFit’s Small Groups offer you the unique opportunity to reach your health and fitness goals with the support of a Transformation Coach and small group community. 

Join a small group coaching program today to challenge your mind and body! 

To register for a small group please complete the small group coaching packet by the registration deadline. Spots are limited and are first come, first served!

  • Whether you're new to kickboxing or a seasoned practitioner looking to refine your skills, our instructor will help unleash your potential! This dynamic small group caters to all fitness levels, blending technical strikes, footwork drills, defensive maneuvers, and conditioning exercises. With personalized attention and a supportive environment, you'll build combat skills, increase cardiovascular endurance, boost strength, and develop self-confidence.  Time to learn, sweat, and strike!   

    September 18 – October 30

    Student Recreation and Activities Center, 2nd Floor 

    Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm 

    Price: $110  

  • Are you ready to finally learn proper exercise techniques that will build the total-body strength you’ve always wanted? Our “Strength Training for Women” Small Group will take your body to new levels, increase your strength, and help you build lean toned muscles. Your Transformation Coach will keep you motivated and accountable for four full weeks.  

    October 2 - October 26

    Student Recreation and Activities Center

    Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30pm – 1:30pm

    Price: $75 

Special Events

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Fitness Challenges

Jump start your fitness with these month long challenges hosted each fall and spring semester! The challenge is simple, attend as many group fitness classes as you can for your chance to win prizes.

Participants that attend the most classes during this time period will be entered into a drawing to win an OwlFit prize bundle grand prize! 

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Glow in the Dark Fitness Events

It's time to GLOW! Wear white or fluorescent clothing and be ready to bring the energy with Glow in the Dark group fitness classes! Classes vary by semester, check Owl Life for event details!  

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ksu students at glow in the dark fitness class

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Stress Release Week

Don’t let finals bog you down. Refuel your body with a great workout. Take a study break and join us for Stress Release Week held during the finals period each semester. Classes will emphasize recovery, and reducing stress through exercise.   

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Certifications & Workshops

Workshop and training opportunities are for those interested in teaching Group Fitness, Personal Training, and or learning more about fitness!

We partner with professional fitness organizations (Schwinn, YogaFit®, TRX®, and more!) to bring training opportunities to the KSU campus. Depending on the organization and type of training, the following features may vary, including:

  • Duration (one-day or two-day workshops and training)
  • Payment
  • Prerequisite and experience requirements
  • Registration methods
  • Class size and availability 
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Fitness on the Fly

Fitness on the Fly is a personalized fitness experience for members of the KSU Community including teams, clubs, departments, and classes. We can accommodate groups with a variety of requests including Zumba®, yoga, strength and conditioning, and more! Requests for a minimum of 5 participants can be a one-time program or in a series. 

  • Based on your request, we build specialized programs to meet your needs. We will provide nationally certified instructors and/or trainers for your program. We may also be able to provide equipment, music, etc.
  • Student organizations, teams, departments, or any other groups part of the KSU Community. Guests are eligible to attend Fitness on the Fly programs hosted by a KSU affiliate.
  • You will select your preferred program date and time. If we do not have staff available, we will work with you to find a satisfactory alternative.
  • Our instructors and trainers are willing to travel to the on-campus location of your preference. For some, this might be a classroom, the Campus Green, or a space in a Residence Hall. You may also be able to request a space in one of our Recreational Facilities.
  • Complete the Fitness on the Fly Request Form and one of our OwlFit members will reach out to you to confirm the details of your request and provide a quote.
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