Outdoor Adventure Programs

Outdoor Adventure Programs at Kennesaw State University provide access to outdoor pursuits to the KSU community. These programs offer both recreational and educational opportunities for everyone--novice to expert. Outdoor Adventure programs are founded on the principles of experiential learning to develop knowledge, leadership, and community. 

ksu students whitewater rafting


group of students backpacking

Nature Bound Program

 Nature Bound provides a diverse range of recreational and educational experiences tailored to cater to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners exploring the wonders of nature to seasoned experts seeking deeper insights. Get to know our programs designed to engage and inspire, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their background or expertise, can enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

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Bike Shop

  • Own your own Bike?
    KSU Bike Shop offers a full range of services at no additional cost:

    • Gear Adjustment
    • Brake Adjustment
    • Bearings Adjustment 
    • Air in Tires
    • Safety Inspection
    • Minor Wheel Truing
    • Lube Chain

    Services from minor adjustments to full tune-ups on patron owned bikes. All replacement parts must be provided by the patron. All bikes are welcome.

    All bicycle check outs and semester long rentals must be checked out from Kennesaw Campus.

  • Full Tune: $50

    • Basic services
    • Bike wash
    • Off the bike drive train detail
    • All bearing rebuilds
    • Major wheel truing

    Other Services:

    • Drive Train Cleaning: $10
    • Bike Wash: $15
    • Flat Tire: $10
    • Bearing Rebuild: $5 each
    • Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $15*
    • Fork Seal Service: $25*
    • Off the BIke Wheel Truing: $15
    • Spoke Replacement: $20
    • Wheel Build: $35*
    • Boxed Bike Assembly: $25

    *parts not included

    All bikes being serviced must be picked up same day or a $25.00 per day storage fee will be charged.

  • Short-Term bike checkout is a three (3) day checkout at no additional cost. Mountain bikes or commuter style bikes are available for check out for three (3) weekdays, or five (5) days if covered over the weekend.

    Patrons will be charged a $25.00 per day late fee for bikes not returned after the three (3) day checkout period and $2.00 per item each day late on helmets and seat bags.

  • The KSU Bike Shop also offers long-term rentals for $50 per semester. 

    All long-term rental bicycles include a helmet and lock. All long-term rentals are for the entire semester. In order to checkout or rent a KSU bicycle or equipment, patrons must have a current valid KSU identification card. 

  • Looking to expand your bicycle knowledge? Outdoor Adventures is hosting bicycle maintenance clinics. Learn anything you have ever wanted to know about working on bicycles. We will offer preset topics to work on and learn, as well as entertain special repair topic requests.  

    Location: Outdoor Adventures Suite, Kennesaw Campus

    Time: 10am-2pm

    Clinics are held weekly on Tuesdays.

    Topics to include:

    • Learning how to ride a two-wheel bike
    • Basic Bicycle Operations for beginners
      • Proper shifting
      • Proper braking
      • Bicycle Handling
    • Emergency in the field bicycle repairs
      • Fixing flat tires
      • Broken chain
      • Broken derailleur
      • Bent wheel
    • Derailleur 
      • Installing
      • Adjusting
      • Repairing

Climbing Gym

The Climbing Gym offers 3,722 square feet of climbing space that includes a 15’ bouldering wall, 47’ climbing tower, and climbing instructional sessions with trained staff. The tower supports both top rope and lead climbing with 14 separate belay bars great for both novice and advanced climbers. 

ksu student wall climbing in indoor facility


  • Can you climb a mile high? The KSU Climbing Gym will be hosting a climbing challenge both bouldering and top rope climbs are eligible. T-shirts are awarded to those that complete the challenge! 

    Get started logging your climbs today! Ask a staff member in the gym to get started!

  • Every Tuesday night beginner and advanced climbers are welcome to climb between the hours of 5:00pm-8:00pm. During these hours, the climbing gym staff are available to belay for any patron that would like to try the climbing tower. 
  • The Belay Fundamentals Course is offered to individuals that have little to no experience with belaying or would like to refresh their skills. The course is taught by one of our experienced attendants. During the course, a patron can expect to learn the hard and soft skills needed in order to be belay qualified at the KSU Climbing Gym. At the close of the course the participating patrons will be evaluated on their belaying skills and be given a written test. Once a patron passes the skills and knowledge test, they will be allowed to belay at the KSU Climbing Gym while under supervision from an attendant. Once an attendant believes the patron has become proficient in belaying, then they will be taken off of supervision status. Each semester following, a previously belayed qualified patron will only need to receive a check off skills and written test. They would not need to attend the Belay Fundaments Course again unless instructed by an attendant.

  • "After feeling intimidated and discouraged while trying rock climbing for the first time, I realized that many women have also had similar experiences. Recognizing that women are under-represented in the climbing community, a group of staff members decided to host an event specifically for women in the Climbing Gym. Since 2019, we have been able to host Women's Climb Night and successfully introduce women to the sport in a supportive and welcoming environment." - Ransley Cummings, Lead Climbing Instructor 

    Scheduled monthly, Women's Climb Night offers a supportive environment for female climbers, no matter their skill level.  Shoes, chalk, and harness rentals are complimentary during the event.  We will have extra female staff to help belay and provide climbing instruction/assistance.  The climbing gym will only be available for women during Women's Climb Night. 


Climbing Gym FAQs

  • At the KSU Climbing Gym students will have access to the boulder and tower. Students are also able to request any of the following offerings at no additional cost:

    • Climbing harness
    • Belay device
    • Climbing rope

    Students may also request the following offerings at a nominal fee:

    1 shoe and chalk rental $2
    3 Day Rentals Punch Card $5
    5 Day Rentals Punch Card $8
    12 Day Rentals Punch Card $18
    • You must have your KSU ID with you to check into the Climbing Gym.
    • You must be a fee paying student, have a facility membership
    • Belay certifications are not required to access the bouldering wall
    • Patrons who have not taken a belay test are able to climb the tower during Try Rock Climbing nights when additional staff are available to belay.
    • To utilize the tower during open climb hours, you must pass a top rope belay test. Belay tests are administered upon request at no additional cost.
    • Patrons must be at least 17 years of age to access the Climbing Gym
  • Guests may purchase a Day Pass for $5.00 when accompanied by a KSU sponsor. Day passes can be purchased at Outdoor Adventures or the SRAC Service Desk with K-cash only. Sponsors may also purchase the guest pass online. The KSU sponsor must be present with the guest at all times while in the facility. The guest will be asked to sign a liability waiver at the time of purchase.

    Guests who are 17 years old must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver before purchasing a Day Pass. Please print and sign this waiver.
    You may also pick up a physical waiver at Outdoor Adventures.

  • Log your climbs with the My Climb App

    Learn how to log your climbs with this tutorial. Still have questions? Ask an attendant! 

Equipment Rental

Backpack $5/day $250
Sleeping Bag $5/day $200
Tent* (2 Person/4 Person) $6/day $200
Ground Pad $3/day $25
Backpacking Stove w/ Fuel $4/day $100
Cook Set $3/day $50
Hammock  $3/day $75
Headlamp $3/day $30
Camp Chair $3/day $25
Crash Pad $5/day $150
Stand Up Paddle Board* $12/day SUP $825
SUP Paddle $150
PFD $80
Kayak $12/day Single $300
Tandem $400
Kayak Paddle $100
PFD $80
Helmet $2/day $45
Lock $2/day $25
Bicycle - Short Term $0/3 days $800
Bicycle - Long Term $50/semester $800
  •  Participants of the Nature Bound Priority Program receive 20% off regular student/daily prices. 
  • The late fee is equivalent to the daily fee for the item per each day it is late. 
  • Paddle & PFD's are provided with all watercrafts. 

*Inspections are required when renting and returning these items. Please allow time for an inspection to take place.  Items cannot be rented or returned within one hour of closing due to necessary inspections. 

A rental agreement is required. Late fees will begin the first day after the predetermined return date. All payments in-person must be made with K-Cash. 

Separate payment required for deposit and rental fee. Deposits can be made in the form of cash or check. Checks are to be made payable to “KSU Sports and Recreation”. The deposit will be returned to the patron if all equipment is returned in good condition.


Experiential Group Programs

Outdoor Adventures is not accepting Experiential Group Program Requests at this time.

A group is more effective when its members problem solve, communicate, resolve conflict, and respect its diverse members. When this occurs, groups are able to transform themselves into a highly functioning team. The purpose of the Experiential Group Program is to enable individuals through experiential learning in an effort to contribute to a holistic educational experience. 

Outdoor Adventures offers a variety of customized experiential group programs. We will tailor your program to fit the goals of your group and provide exceptional opportunities with lasting impact.

Group Development Activities

Marietta or Kennesaw Campus

Let Outdoor Adventures provide a dynamic program for your group! Beginning with icebreakers and building upon your learning outcomes, we will develop a vibrant program sure to bring your group results! Our facilitators will plan and process activities to allow participants to transfer their experience back to their daily experiences with the group. 

2 hour program $4/person $6/person 10
4 hour program $8/person $10/person 10
8 hour program $10/person $14/person 10

Climbing Gym Program

Kennesaw Campus

Outdoor Adventures would like to provide an engaging and dynamic climbing experience for your group.  Whether you are looking to learn the basics of climbing, advance your current skills, or build comradery in your group we are here to help you meet your goals. We are able to accommodate up to 30 participants for this program

2 hour program $8/person $10/person 10
4 hour program $12/person $15/person 5

Rates for a Climbing Gym Program is based on a maximum of 30 patrons. Rates include use of all equipment needed to climb, a qualified belayer, and climbing shoes and chalk bag rentals.

Customized Trips

Off Campus

Let Outdoor Adventures Staff take your group on an exciting adventure! We will provide transportation, required equipment, qualified staff, and superior programming. Customized trips are a great opportunity to get your group outside of their comfort zone and into an environment where they can feel challenged and accomplished. Trying a new activity for the first time can be scary, but having the support of your group will cause the experience to be much more rewarding!

4 hour program $34 $45 3
6 hour program $41 $55 3
8 hour program $45 $60 3

Activities can include stand up paddleboarding, canoeing, mountain biking, bike touring, outdoor rock climbing, and more! Complete the request form to create your own custom adventure. 

Contact Us

Email: outdooradventures@kennesaw.edu 
Phone: (470) 578-2289