Share Your Thoughts!

Take 20 minutes to share your thoughts! The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) is your chance to provide feedback and help make Kennesaw State a healthier place to be! Survey invitations arrive via campus email on September 6th! 

What is NCHA?

The American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment is a nationally recognized research survey that assists KSU in collecting precise data about our students' health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. 

Prizes Give-Away!

All students who submit a survey will be automatically entered in a random drawing for one of ten $50 gift cards! Students who opt out of completing the survey can also enter the drawing by emailing the investigator at

Scrappy Bucket List

Earn the "Share Your Voice" item on Scrappy's Bucket List by completing NCHA! Can you complete 63 before your degree? Send a screenshot of your "Thank you for completing the survey" page to


  • Twenty-five thousand randomly selected degree-seeking students who are 18 years or older will be invited to complete the NCHA.
  • Yes, your participation is completely voluntary and confidential. To ensure confidentiality, email addresses are destroyed by the American College Health Association before data is compiled and shared with Kennesaw State University. The raw data file that is shared with your school will not contain any unique identifiers. Any reports or publications based on this research will use only group data and will not identify you or any individual as being affiliated with this project.
  • The NCHA-Web is completed online via the Internet. A software program generates a unique survey link for each student who is invited to participate.
  • We encourage you to complete the survey in one sitting, which typically takes 20-30 minutes.
  • The NCHA-Web is a survey designed to assess student health behaviors in order to provide better services and support for Kennesaw State University students. The information will be used to develop wellness programs and services for Kennesaw State University.
  • Title of Research Project: National College Health Assessment 2022 

    IRB Study: # FY22-305

    Investigator's Name: Sherry Grable, M.Ed., MCHES, Director

    Contact Information: 
    Kennesaw State University 
    Health Promotion and Wellness 
    290 Kennesaw State University Road, MD 0301 
    Kennesaw, GA 30144 
    470-578-3517 (office) (email) 

To learn about national results of the ACHA-NCHA III, please visit the ACHA website here

Past Survey Results