ksu school of art and design masterclass series
Want to know what it might be like to study art and design at the School of Art and Design? Watch these masterclass videos from our faculty and guest artists!

A Playwright's Toolkit: Permission to Play

This workshop-style masterclass led by Prof. Nicole Adkins was created to give aspiring and practicing playwrights the tools needed for getting started in the craft, breaking past writer's block, and for more easily accessing and harnessing our most exciting creative impulses.

Digital Drawing Lesson

An Introduction to Voice for the Actor

This video from Prof. Jacqueline Springfield is a brief overview of exercises that actors may use to prepare their voice for performance. Exercises focus on releasing tension, breath support, finding resonant tone and clarity of articulation.

Basics of Lighting Design

This video with Prof. Brandon Bagwell explores the functions and qualities of lighting design, where you might have seen lighting design before, and how to explore them at home. Technical Theatre Lighting Design

Scene Design in a Shoebox

This video with Prof. Ming Chen shows you how to use household items—such as a pencil, a ruler, a pair of scissors, a flashlight, and a shoebox—to make scenic models that express your design ideas. 

Technical Theatre Scenic Design

Portfolio Basics

This video with Prof. Chuck Meacham explores the basics of theatre design/tech portfolio construction. You will get ideas on what to include – and how to connect the work you've done for the work you want to do. 

Shakespeare vs. Sondheim

Join Prof. Amanda Morgan and explore the tools that musical theatre actor-singers use to prepare a musical theatre song and the tools that actors use to prepare a speech or role from the works of Shakespeare! Learn how to attack heightened text and poetry and a musical theatre song with no fear. The tools are in the text and the music!

Musical Theatre