Coles Research Highlights

This webpage is designed to share research accomplishments by Coles College faculty during the academic year. This includes Coles College of Business annual research publication -- “Coles Research Magazine."

Coles Research Magazine

This magazine includes brief summaries of the outstanding research projects (both published and ongoing) by Coles College of Business research faculty. It also includes work they are involved with in their capacity as PhD student dissertation committee chairs and members.

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Listed below are recipients of research awards instituted by Coles College such as the Distinguished Scholarship Award, Outstanding Impact Journal Publication Award, Best Working Paper Award, to name a few.

Distinguished Scholarship Award

Financial Times Top 50 Journal Publication Awards

  • Atanas Nik Nikolov for his paper " The Impact of Voluntary Sustainability Reporting on Firm Value: Insights From Signaling Theory " published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
  • Donald L. Ariail and Amine Khayati for their paper "An Examination of Ethical Values of Management Accountants " published in the Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Jennifer K. Schafer for her paper " How Government Spending Impacts Tax Compliance " published in the Journal of Business Ethics.
  • John L. Abernathy for his paper " Does Greater Access to Employees With Information Technology Capability Improve Financial Reporting Quality?" published in Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • Hong Qu for her paper " Coordinated Inattention and Disclosure Complexity. " published in the Management Science.
  • Xuepeng Liu for his paper " Currency Carry Trade by Trucks: The Curious Case of China’s Massive Imports from Itself " published in the Review of Finance.

Distinguished Journal Publication Award

  • Joshua Palmer for his paper "The Role of Stress Mindsets and Coping in Improving the Personal Growth, Engagement, and Health of Small Business Owners" published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Outstanding Impact Publication Award

  • Xuepeng Liu for his paper “Services Development and Comparative Advantage in Manufacturing” published in the Journal of Development Economics

Community Engagement Award

  • Sweta Sneha for her work “Leadership Through Service - A Journey Impacting Workforce and Economic Development in the Digital Health Ecosystem in Georgia”.

Summer Research Fellowship

  • Kelly Ha for her work "Invest or Not to Invest: Accounting for Cloud Computing for Utility Companies".
  • Sergey Lebdev for his work "Performance Aspiration and Rent-Seeking".
  • Sunay Mutlu for his work "CEO Outside Board Directorships and CEO Turnover".

Coles Working Paper Awards

  • Nik Nikolov for his paper “The X Factor in the Boardroom: Generation X Directors and their Impact on the Firm’s Advertising Mix and its Efficiency”, FALL23-03, November 2023.
  • Aaron French, Amy Woszczynski, and Carole Hollingsworth for their paper “Gender in IS Research: Who’s on Top?”, FALL23-04, November 2023.
  • Prachi Gala for her paper “Media Attention Given to Six CEO News Types and Its Influence on Consumer Evaluations.”, SPRING24-01, March 2024.
  • Lucy F. Ackert, Amine Khayati, and James G. Tompkins for their paper “ Characteristics of a Rubber Stamp Board: The Curious Case of Enron.”, SPRING24-02, March 2024.
  • Mary S. Hill, and Sunay Mutlu for their paper “Supplier Financing Agreements and Cash Flows.”, SPRING24-03, March 2024.

Coles Working Paper Series Best Reviewer Award

  • Hyunju Shin



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