Research and Development Grants

Faculty Research and Development (RDC) Awards

The Coles College intends RDC awards to support expenditures for substantive faculty research and development activities. Multiple applications for one project may not be considered. Multiple projects (each on a separate application) for one faculty member may be considered. Acceptable expenditures include, but are not limited to:

  • Data acquisition
  • Software (ITS approved)
  • Surveys, experimental subject compensation
  • Faculty retooling seminars

RDC Grants are given twice a year in Fall and Spring.

The application form and related submission due dates, and deadlines for expenditure of these funds will be shared by the RDC Committee Chair.

Coles Research Seminar Series and Coles Working Paper Series

The recipients of an award will be required to present their research within 3 years of winning the award at the Coles College Research Seminar Series. Please coordinate with seminar organizers to schedule an appropriate date for the presentation. The recipients are also encouraged to publish their ongoing work in the Coles Working Paper Series. This will enhance their chances of receiving future awards. In particular, it will strengthen discussions featuring “Status of Deliverables” for grants faculty might have received in the past.


Recipients may not use RDC awards to overcome department budget constraints. Awards cannot fund faculty release time and any travel related requests.  Please work with your department to get funding for travel requests such as conference travel or offsite research.

Materials (e.g., books, videos) purchased with RDC funds become Coles College property. Requests for exceptions should be justified and not normally exceed 10% of total funds. When applying for materials, applicants should first check availability of department and university resources and then discuss such efforts in their application.  


Applications will be assessed by the RDC, a committee of permanent, full-time faculty representing all Coles College departments. The RDC will give preference to applications that:

  • Thoroughly demonstrate an organized, rigorous project, including a detailed budget.
  • Justifies the need for the funds (e.g., why the requested data/software/retooling is essential).
  • Explain how your request does not fall under the cases that are normally funded by the department.
  • List measurable outcomes (e.g., planned papers and pedagogical innovations/changes) as evidence.
  • Offer significant impacts to the applicant’s scholarly field and/or the Coles College.
  • Demonstrate effective use of previous RDC awards.
  • Incomplete applications or ones that do not adhere to RDC guidelines will not be considered.