Mission and Purpose Statement

student in wheelchair working on a laptop alongside another student
The mission of Student Disability Services (SDS) is to ensure equal access to all educational experiences by students with identified, legally defined disabilities, and to promote the University's knowledge of and compliance with all applicable federal and state laws. In addition, SDS strives to enhance students' total academic and personal development and to promote the recognition of the contributions made by individuals with disabilities to the rich diversity of the University. 

Goals in Support of the Mission Statement

  • To provide a contact point for students with disabilities to identify themselves, provide appropriate documentation, determine approved accommodations, and coordinate necessary academic accommodations and services.
  • To encourage student success and persistence by providing individual and group support services such as academic coaching, academic skills development, coordination with other campus departments, advocacy, and mentoring.
  • To communicate with the University community in multiple modes to disseminate information regarding policies and procedures, awareness and sensitivity, appropriate accommodations, and other issues necessary to maintain compliance with federal and state mandates.
  • To maintain current knowledge and information regarding the University's many programs, services, activities, technology, and facilities, as well as future plans for program and facilities expansion, and to recommend adjustments and improvements as needed in order to assure compliance with ADA accessibility requirements.
  • To utilize all available technologies and resources to facilitate planning, communication and student learning.
  • To utilize appropriate assessment measures to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of programs and services offered to students.
  • To encourage students' personal development through participation in University programs and activities that develop leadership, interdependence, respect for all human beings, and service to the community.