Student Disability Services is excited to offer LIFT (Launching Independence For Transition) Services to assist KSU students with disabilities in their transition both into and out of college. We know there are many changes that come at the beginning and end of your time here at KSU, and our goal is to provide support for a successful transition. LIFT services are geared towards: 

  • Prospective or current students who want to learn more about disability services at KSU 


  • Students registered with SDS who are nearing graduation and preparing for employment or additional education 

Services we provide:

  • General consultation session to discuss SDS and registration process (this is not a formal intake)
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Job/graduate school application assistance
  • Career consultation
  • Referral to Career Planning & Development as needed

To schedule a LIFT appointment, call or email us at We look forward to meeting with you soon!