All paper forms must be completed and turned into the Meal Plan Office for verification. The Meal Plan Office is located inside The Commons, in the first door on the right. 

Meal Plan Contract and Guidelines

By purchasing our Meal Plans, you agree to our Meal Plan Contract and Guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction Form

This form is for any full-time Faculty/Staff member who would like to opt in to a meal plan with the use of payroll deduction.

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction

Move-On Proration Table

Meal Plan options for students who have recently moved into on-campus housing.

Withdrawal & Move-Off Proration Table

  • Refunds for residential students who have been granted a contract termination will be based on the Registrar’s withdrawal calendar or actual meal plan usage, whichever is greater, and a $35 administrative fee.  
  • Refunds for non-residential students who have been granted a contract termination will be based on the actual meal plan usage at the door entry rate and a $35 administrative fee, per plan. 
  • The last day for Spring 2023 refunds is March 24, 2023.        
  • In accordance with the University’s refund schedule, refunds will not be issued after the 60% completion date of the semester, per the Registrar’s calendar.  
Withdrawal & Move-Off Proration Table

Medical Exemption Form

Use this link to apply for a Medical Exemption. Under Report Type(s), select Meal Plan Exemption - Medical, which is the second to last option.

Medical Exemption Form