All residential students receive a Meal Plan as part of their room and board at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The cost of your Meal Plan is applied as a separate charge to your student account after your Housing and Residence Life fees are applied. See below for specific information about the Meal Plan you will receive based on your earned credit hours.

Underclassmen Meal Plans

  • Residential students with 0 – 59 earned credit hour automatically receive a Weekly 12 Meal Plan for $1,910 each semester
  • Change to the Weekly 10 or upgrade to the 3-Square plan
  • Weekly entries into the dining halls may be used between Sunday and Saturday and reset each Sunday
Plan Entries Dining Dollars Cost
Weekly 12 (Default Plan) 12 Per Week $390 $1,910
Weekly 10 10 Per Week $610 $1,910
3-Square 21 Per Week $100 $2,273

Pricing and plan structure subject to change for the 2024-25 Academic Year.

Upperclassmen Meal Plans

  • Residential students with 60 or more earned credit hours or graduate students living in on-campus housing automatically receive an Access 50 Meal Plan for $505 each semester
  • Change or upgrade to any Residential Meal Plan option
  • Entries can be used any time during the semester in which they were purchased
Plan Entries Dining Dollars Cost
Access 50 (Default Plan) 50 $50 $505
Access 20 20 $300 $505

Pricing and plan structure subject to change for the 2024-25 Academic Year.

Students drinking coffee in Stingers dining hall

Using Your Meal Plan

Entries can be used at both of our award-winning dining halls, The Commons (Kennesaw) and Stingers (Marietta), for Grubhub combo meals to go, plus at food trucks on campus. After the last day of each semester's finals, any unused entries will be forfeited.

Dining Dollars can be used at any restaurant and food truck across both campuses.

Learn More About Dining Dollars

Change Your Meal Plan

Residential students can change or upgrade their Meal Plan through the academic drop/add deadline in the fall and spring semesters. To change or upgrade your Residential Meal Plan:

  1. Log in to Owl Express
  2. Click the "Student Services" tab
  3. Then click "Meal Plan Selection"
  4. Once you've completed your Meal plan change, you will receive a confirmation notice on your screen

Check Your Balance

Checking your Meal Plan and Dining Dollars balance is easy. Follow these simple steps to know where you stand any time throughout the semester.

  1. Navigate to the eAccounts portal
  2. Click "Sign In"
  3. Log in using your KSU student email address, password and Duo authentication
  4. Click the Meal Plan icon on the left side of the webpage


Add to Your Meal Plan

Follow the steps below to add entries or Dining Dollars to your Residential Meal Plan through the mobile ordering app. Please note that it will take 24 to 48 hours for a Meal Plan charge to appear on your student account, but your Meal Plan is activated at the top of each hour if the semester is in session.

  1. Download the Transact Mobile Ordering app
  2. Select Kennesaw State University Dining
  3. Log in with your KSU student email address and password
  4. Choose the Meal Plan and/or Dining Dollars amount
  5. Apply the cost to your student account or pay with a debit/credit card

Please be advised that purchases made through the Transact Mobile Ordering App are exclusively intended for adding onto your existing Residential Meal Plan. This means that using the app will not alter or replace the Meal Plan you automatically receive as a residential student.