Awards and Initiatives

Faculty development encompasses various initiatives and programs that aim to enhance the professional growth and effectiveness of academic faculty members. Through training, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities, it supports faculty in improving their teaching, research, leadership, and other essential skills, ultimately contributing to the overall quality and success of higher education institutions.


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) promotes research based pedagogies that foster student academic engagement, learning, and success. CETL supports the integrated professional development of students, faculty, and administrators throughout their careers. Rooted in learning science and assessment theory, CETL cultivates a data-driven campus-wide culture of ongoing academic program enhancement.

Kennesaw State University Foundation Awards

The Kennesaw State University Foundation has distinguished Kennesaw State University as the institution offering the most generous faculty awards program in University System of Georgia. Application procedures and contact information are available at the KSU Faculty Awards website.