Academic Misconduct

The Academic Misconduct form is designed for individuals to share information about a possible violation of the KSU Codes of Conduct by a student.

Directions: For the incident description, please include the facts of the case, but also how the student responded when you confronted him/her (if applicable). For example, note if the student was notably apologetic, cooperative, combative, etc. Also list any mitigating or exacerbating factors relevant to contextualizing the offense. For example, if the student reveals mental health or disability issues that contributed to the behavior, say so. That allows campus resources to be marshalled on the student's behalf and can change how the record of misconduct is viewed later. If you have questions about what information to include, please call SCAI at 470-578-3403.


General Misconduct

DIRECTIONS—Click on the link above to submit information regarding a student’s/registered student organization’s alleged violation of the KSU Codes of Conduct. If you have any questions about this form or have more questions about the conduct process, please contact the Kennesaw State University's Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity at 470-578-3403.

Please see the SCAI Misconduct Procedures page for flowcharts and more information about the Misconduct process.

FERPA Waiver

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, is a federal law that sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. FERPA governs the disclosure of student records maintained by an educational institution as well as access to those records. Students’ conduct records are protected by this law, and as such students can submit the FERPA Waiver to provide written consent for SCAI to share information with designated individuals. For more information regarding FERPA, please to go the FERPA website.


Student Panel Applications

Requirements for Membership:

Students are invited to apply for participation in the SCAI University Hearing Panel. Because there are a limited number of available positions on the panel, specific criteria are used to select new members. The minimum requirements are:

  • 2.8 or higher overall adjusted G.P.A.;
  • A strong interest in protecting the reputation of the university by assuring that the rules of the Codes of Conduct are upheld;
  • Two references who will testify to your character and integrity;
  • A commitment to unbiased and equitable assessment of evidence;
  • A commitment to appropriate due process and protection of the rights of all members of the KSU community;
  • A commitment to uphold the SCAI Panel Code of Ethics, and;
  • Attend all required meetings and trainings.

Student Responsibility Agreement

This form is for students who are accepting responsibility for all the listed alleged policy violations in the initial notification letter sent to their KSU student email and are requesting an Informal Resolution meeting to resolve the matter. This form is an editable PDF that can be sent directly to the hearing officer who initially emailed the student. 

This form is NOT to be completed if the student is contesting the alleged policy violations.