• The Faculty Notification Letter verifies that the student is registered with SDS and lists their specific testing accommodations. The FNL serves to notify that if a student decides to use their accommodations for a specific test, they are approved to do so. If you have any questions or need clarification of approved accommodations, please contact the SDS Office.
  • We encourage students to give the FNL to their instructor at the beginning of each semester within the first week or as soon as possible; they may elect to wait until they are certain that they want to use their test accommodations for their class.

    It is the student’s responsibility to make a testing appointment with SDS at least 5 Business Days in advance and to notify the professor of appointment date, time and SDS Testing Office location.

  • Yes. Professors should attempt to fully accommodate the student in the classroom. If it is not feasible to provide the accommodations in the classroom or department, you can refer the student to Student Disability Services. Please be aware that if you accommodate the student in the classroom, the accommodations must be provided as described in the Faculty Notification Letter. For example, if a student’s accommodation includes a “low-distraction room” in which to take the test, the student must be provided with a quiet room free of both visual and auditory distractions as much as possible.
  • The student is expected to take the test on the same day and time as the class. However, there are three exceptions to this policy:

    • If the test is outside of the SDS testing hours.
    • If the time accommodation will interfere with another class or test.
    • If the student schedules with 5 business days advance notice, but space is unavailable, an alternative test time may be considered.

    The student is responsible for obtaining approval from the instructor for an alternate date and/or time. If they do not, the testing appointment will be canceled and the student will be referred to their instructors for further instructions.

  • You can approve the student to take their test at an alternate date and/or time which fall within SDS Testing Hours or make arrangements within your department to provide the accommodations.
  • Owl Accommodate is a comprehensive system for accessibility services. Students can access the testing appointment system by logging into their account.
  • SDS has testing locations on both campuses. Students who are registered for face to face or hybrid classes are required to take their exam on the campus that the class is held. 

    SDS Office - Marietta
    Joe Mack Wilson Student Center, Suite 160

    SDS Office - Kennesaw
    Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1205

    SDS Kennesaw Testing Accommodation Office
    Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1209

  • SDS Office - Kennesaw & Marietta 
    Fall, Spring, & Summer Semester Hours: M-F 8:00 am-4:45 pm

    SDS Testing Accommodation Office - Kennesaw
    Fall, Spring & Summer Semester Hours: M-F 8:00 am-4:45 pm

  • SDS requires receipt of the fully completed Test Cover Sheet along with the test or quiz by 4:00 PM one (1) business day prior to the date of the appointment to ensure proper preparations are made for your student's appointment.

    If SDS does not receive the test and Test Cover Sheet by 4:00 PM one (1) business day before the scheduled appointment, you will need to contact the student directly to make alternate arrangements for his/her test or quiz. 

    1. Instructor hand delivers the test and Test Cover Sheet to the appropriate SDS Testing location. Instructors will need to check with their student or confirmation email for student’s appointment location.
      • Kennesaw Campus
        Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1205
        Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1209
      • Marietta Campus
        Student Center, Suite 160
    2. Email to SDS Testing
    • Instructor pick-up required if immediate return is necessary (must pick up at student’s appointment location during office hours. See Testing location listed above).
    • Email as an attachment (within 1 business day).
    • Campus mail: placed in campus mail within 1 business day.
  • The SDS Office do not provide Scantron answer sheets or Blue Books. Instructor will need to provide these items with exam submission or inform student that they will need to bring these items to their appointment.
  • The SDS Office adheres to KSU’s Student Codes of Conduct as stated in the University Catalog. Consistent proctoring and monitoring of exams are enforced. If a student is caught cheating or is suspected of cheating, an Incident Report will be submitted to the instructor.