About Us

Kennesaw Activities Board, better known to the public as KAB, is one of the programming boards at Kennesaw State University! We are responsible for turning your student FEES into FUN through concerts, festivals, food, and more -- all for you!! We are all about presenting a diverse and varied programming calendar that meets the social, recreational, cultural, and intellectual requests of the KSU student body.

Stay tuned because we're coming at you BIGGER and BETTER!!

#WeMakeItHappen #KABTakesFlight

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Kennesaw Activities Board Executive Board

  • Executive Director: Jaida Jenkins 

    VP of Programming: Jay White 

    VP of PR: Yanni Lee 

    Spirits and Traditions Co-chair: Hayward DeRouen  & Dajia Jones 

    Entertainment Co-Chair: Steffon Terrell  & Kaitlyn Reeves

    Hot Topics: Kourtney Lacy 

    Daytime Trips: Charles Smith 

    Marketing co-chair: Jada Brown & BriAnne McCrory 

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