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Thank you for visiting! Here you will find our online Media Kit featuring details of how you can promote your business or organization through Kennesaw State University Student Media (KSUSM).

We have a variety of options available to help you with your advertising needs. If you have any questions in the process of your search, give us a call at 470-578-6470 or email us below. Use the menu on the left to explore all your opportunities for advertising, underwriting, promotions, and publicity.


KSU Has a Wide Audience

Kennesaw State has over 42,000 students at two campuses, including 5,500 students who live on campus. Want to reach them?

Media Platforms

The Sentinel

The Sentinel (newspaper) is published on Tuesdays in tabloid format with about thirty (30) issues a year and 5,000 printed per week. Print advertising is available in B/W or color. Online advertising is also available below, where the site receives thousands of unique visitors per week. The Sentinel also offers student-to-student advertising for clients wanting to distribute promo items/flyers in gift bags with the latest issue of The Sentinel.

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The Peak

The Peak (lifestyle magazine) is published bi-monthly with 2,000 copies per issue. The Peak is committed to forging connections between KSU students and the neighboring communities of Marietta and Kennesaw. As such, we are always seeking opportunities to collaborate with local businesses, events, and individuals. We deliver news, entertainment, educational, and editorial content that directly relates to the lives and interests of our student body. This content is accessible through both printed and digital mediums.

Print advertising is only available in full color. Online advertising space is also available online.

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Owl Radio

Owl Radio (streaming radio station) broadcasts 24/7 to approximately 4,000 listeners every month. Owl Radio stands as a student-operated college radio station, offering streaming services. Accessible through platforms like iTunes, TuneIn, Ustream, and various audio and video players, Owl Radio provides both auditory and visual engagement. Established in 2007, it is the most recent addition to the KSU Student Media lineup, providing a dynamic outlet for student expression and interaction.

Underwriting spots, show sponsorships, and DJ/Event services are available for clients looking to promote their business/organization with Owl Radio. Online advertising space is also available online below.

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