Advertising Options with The Peak at KSU 

If you are interested in advertising with The Peak, you have two options: online or print advertising. Online advertising allows you to reach a large and diverse audience through the paper's website. This type of advertising is cost-effective and provides real-time data on the effectiveness of your campaign. Print advertising, on the other hand, offers a more traditional way of reaching your target audience. The print edition of The Peak is distributed on campus, giving you access to a captive audience of students, faculty, and staff. Both options have their own benefits, and the best choice for your business will depend on your specific advertising goals and budget.
Student wearing KSU t-shirt sitting with group of students.

Online Advertising

KSU Student Media web pages average over 10,000 unique visitors per month.

Rates are priced by month or semester (approximately 4 months). All placements may run in rotation with other ads of the same size.

Online ads can link directly to your website and can be featured in the following file formats:

  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SWF

A URL must be provided for your advertisement unless you wish for us to host the file for you. The resolution for all online ads should be 72 DPI. The Peak displays advertisements in a medium rectangle format.

Pricing (300 x 250 pixels)

Top of Page

Middle/Lower Page


Interested? Email or call 470-528-6470.

Print Advertising

The Peak Lifestyle Magazine (Formerly The Sting)

The Peak offers a closer look at the people and issues affecting Kennesaw State University. Approximately 2,000 copies are printed per publication and distributed across both campuses every 7-8 weeks, including residence life halls and apartments.

  • All print ads are full color and can be full bleed. The sizes below include a 1/8" margin.

    To advertise with The Peak e-mail us below.

  • The Peak's prepress process is 100% digital and supports the following formats: PDF, TIFF, PSD, and high-quality JPEG. Images must be saved in 300 DPI resolution for optimal printing quality. When preparing a PDF, please make sure to embed all fonts and do not crop the ad image. PDF format is preferred. Color images should be prepared for CMYK printing. E-mail art below.

  • The management of KSU Student Media reserves the right to reject any advertisement it deems objectionable due to subject matter, illustration, phraseology, or set-up. The management of KSU Student Media will not guarantee positioning or placement but will honor requests when possible.
    • Sponsored article in print (e.g. a review of an experience at a local business; the article includes images) - $400 (one full page)
    • Website (main page and sidebar) ads: $80 (per month)
    • Sponsored posts (to be pinned/promoted for one week): $100
      e-edition - $200 (per month)

    For print and web ads, The Peak will create your content for a 20% upcharge.

Ad Specifications & Prices

  • Local: $25.00
    National: $25.00
    Non-profit: $21.00
    University Affiliated: $17.50
    RSO: $12.50
  • Local: $50.00
    National: $50.00
    Non-profit: $42.00
    University affiliated: $35.00
    RSO: $25.00
  • Local: $50.00
    National: $50.00
    Non-profit: $42.00
    University affiliated: $35.00
    RSO: $25.00
  • Local: $100.00
    National: $100.00
    Non-profit: $85.00
    University affiliated: $70.00
    RSO: $50.00
  • Local: $100.00
    National: $100.00
    Non-profit: $85.00
    University affiliated: $70.00
    RSO: $50.00
  • Inside Magazine
    ▪ Local: $200.00
    ▪ National: $200.00
    ▪ Non-profit: $170.00
    ▪ University affiliated: $140.00
    ▪ RSO: $100.00
    Back of Magazine (exclusive, prime location)
    ▪ Local: $250.00
    ▪ National: $250.00
    ▪ Non-profit: $212.50
    ▪ University affiliated: $190.00
    ▪ RSO: $150.00
  • Local: $350.00
    National: $350.00
    Non-profit: $300.00
    University affiliated: $245.00
    RSO: $175.00


We accept payments by check, cash, or money order. Full payment is due ten (10) business days prior to publication week. Please make checks or money orders payable to:

KSU Student Media
395 Cobb Ave. NW 
MD 0507 
Kennesaw, GA 30144 

University Affiliated payments must be made through OwlPay. Email us below for more information.