Our Mission

The mission of the KSU VISTA Network is to expand opportunities and resources available to low income students as well as local nonprofits serving low income communities. KSU’s VISTA network will ultimately reduce barriers to resources which will in turn decrease individuals experiencing poverty due to inability to access support.



Becoming a KSU VISTA

KSU worksites include Cultural and Community Center, CARE Services, and Health Promotion and Wellness. 

  • Requirements:

    • 18 years or older
    • Bachelor’s Degree


    • Health Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Bi-weekly Paid Allowance
    • Relocation Allowance
    • Leave of Absence
    • End of Service Award (Cash Stipend OR funds toward student loans)
    • Child Care Assistance
  • Requirements:

    • 18 years or older
    • High School Diploma


    • Living Allowance
    • Reduced Education Costs
    • End of Service Summer Award
    • Limited Leave


Strengthen YOUR Organization

Does your organization work to eradicate poverty? Could you use a position dedicated to building you organizational capacity, increasing volunteer involvement, or cultivating community partnerships? An AmeriCorps VISTA Member could be the perfect addition to your team!

AmeriCorps VISTA Members work to strengthen organizational capacity at non-profit and public agencies. They serve over 40 hours per week for 12-month periods, VISTA members can provide indirect support in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, marketing and outreach campaigns, social media growth, grant writing, database creation, and volunteer coordination.

We Will

  • Recruit, screen, and interview VISTA Members for your position opening
  • Assist you in developing work plans and assignment descriptions for your VISTA Members
  • Act as a liaison between your organization, VISTA Members, and the Corporation for the National and Community Service (CNCS)
  • Provide professional development and training opportunities, including a Pre-Service Orientation, for your VISTA Member

You Provide

  • A project supervisor for the activities of the VISTA Member
  • Furnish access to a workstation (individual access to a computer and phone beginning on the first day of service) based on the projects given to your VISTA member
  • Clear work plans and assignment descriptions
  • Work-based orientation and training regarding your organization and expectations
  • Funds for parking, professional development and training, and/or mileage reimbursement for travel related to your projects

Current Worksites

Contact Us

For general inquiries or information, please contact us at ksuserves@kennesaw.edu or 470-578-5260. 

If you have any serious questions or concerns about your experience at Kennesaw State University, please voice them at concern.kennesaw.edu.