Haven't submitted yet?

If you haven't submitted a Supplemental Funding Request yet, please submit one using the following link. FY24 Supplemental Funding Request cannot be submitted until after July 1.

Supplemental Funding Requests HOW TO REQUEST FUNDING

After submitting to SABAC, there is a review and approval process that involves both SABAC, and final approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs that can take up to 2 weeks. After final approval is received, SABAC will notify the RSO of the outcome, and any specific details that might apply to that request.

Once you've received an approval notice that student activity fees have been allocated to your RSO, a purchase request must be submitted in Owl Life in order to access those funds. RSOs may submit purchase requests approximately three (3) days after receiving the approval notice.

While there may be circumstances in which reimbursements for already approved SABAC funding may be feasible, do not spend any money expecting to be reimbursed until you have received approval to do so.


For hosted activities and events receiving financial support from SABAC, remember that you must use Owl Life to capture all the students who attend.

For more specific details of the items that you might need to complete in order to successfully host an event, activity, or receive funding for travel, please visit the Student Activities Forms and Resources website.

Questions regarding SABAC? email sabac@kennesaw.edu