As of July 1, organizations and departments eligible to receive SABAC funding may submit a Supplemental Funding Request via Owl Life. All Supplemental Funding Requests must be submitted via Owl Life to be considered for SABAC review.

For complete instructions on how to complete the FY24 SABAC supplemental funding request process, please see below for a step-by-step User Guide.

Supplemental Request User Guide

AFTER submitting a SABAC Supplemental Request in Owl Life,

  1. Requesters will receive an email notification when the request is added to the SABAC Supplemental Meeting Agenda with the date, time, and link to the virtual meeting.
  2. Requesters are STRONGLY encouraged to attend the SABAC Supplemental Meeting with a brief presentation regarding their request. Power Point presentations are encouraged but limited to 3 minutes in length.

Example Presentations

Taylor Swift Listening Party
Travel Request for Scrappy Lovers Club

New RSO Starter Kit Requests

KSU will allocate a maximum starter amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to each RSO for its first year of operations as long as the RSO submits a request for the starter kit amount using the “New RSO Starter Kit Request Form” in Owl Life along with its RSO application along with a brief written outline of its anticipated activities for the year.

A first-year RSO may obtain additional funding beyond the starter kit amount by submitting requests for either an Annual Budget or Supplemental Funding using the processes and complying with the deadlines set forth in the SABAC Protocol Manual.

New RSO Starter Kit Request


Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If at any point you have questions about the RSO Policy, allowable expenditures, or anything to do with this process or SABAC, please contact SABAC at