CARE Services Case Management

For total access to the KSU CARES program resources, the student must be actively working with a case manager. Together, the student and case manager will develop an individualized plan intended to empower the student to work towards their daily living needs. The case manager may provide students with resources, referrals, and additional life skills to enable the student’s self-sufficiency.

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Case Management May Provide One or More of the Following

Progress Monitoring

  • Develop and implement treatment plans based on client needs
  • Meet periodically to assess and adapt treatment plan as needed


  • Provide direction
  • Encouragement and motivation


  • Campaign on behalf of the student and their path towards self-sufficiency


  • Refer clients to community resources or to specialists as necessary, both on and off campus

Financial Assistance

  • Finding employment opportunities both on and off campus
  • Locating benevolent organizations in the community to offer services to students who may not be able to afford them (i.e. childcare or care maintenance, etc.)
  • Assisting students in applying for university and community-based grants and / or scholarships
  • Work with the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine if student is connected to all available resources

CARE staff may consult with other on and/or off campus programs/departments in order to better assist students. A signed FERPA form is required to disclose any information about your experience to a third party.

Exceptions to confidentiality may occur only under certain circumstances. These exceptions include:

  • You may request (by means of a signed release of information) that CARE reveal information to other individuals or agencies of your choice
  • Imminent threats to the safety and well-being of yourself or others
  • When required by a court order
  • When abuse, neglect or exploitation of children or adults who are vulnerable due to physical or mental impairment or advanced age is suspected.