Professors from various departments have integrated Sustainability topics, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, into a wide range of courses. We encourage you to explore these courses or connect with them if you're interested in delving deeper into Sustainability within their coursework.

Current Faculty Teaching Sustainability

* Indicates faculty member participated in Sustainability Across the Curriculum workshop.

  • Anna Arias                            

    Nichole Guillory                                

    Beth Marks 

    Sohyun An*                           

    Debra Coffey* 

    Jillian Ford*   

    Scott Ritchie*

    Jessica Stephenson Reaves 

    Camille Sutton-Brown-Fox *

    Guichun Zong Ed.D.*

  • Mahyar Amirgholy 

    Parth Bhavsar 

    Amy Gruss 

    Parisa Pooyan 

    Ayse Sengul 

    Roneisha Worthy* 

  • Hayes Anderson 

    Nancy Ballard 

    Brian Culp 

    Aimee Dyal 

    Kevin Gittner

    Michael Hales 

    Amy Howton*  

    Ping Johnson 

    Sean Kaufman 

    John McLester 

    Monica Nandan*

    Mia Oberlton 

    Selena Patterson 

    Amanda Redinger 

  • Erinn Bariteau 

    Charity Butcher 

    Eric Castater 

    Jennifer Dickey*  

    Thomas Doleys 

    Neysa Figueroa* 

    Elizabeth Giddens*  

    Hye Won Kim 

    Brandon Lundy 

    Paul McDaniel 

    Liuxi Meng*  

    Mark Patterson 

    Kay Reeve*  

    Jason Rhodes 

    Anne Richards* 

    Allen Roberts 

    Chenaz Seelarbokus* 

    Vanessa Slinger-Friedman* 

    Garrett Smith 

    Lara Smith-Sitton 

    Jun Tu  

    Patricia Wood* 

  • Michael Maloni 

    Dayna Reed 

    Hyunju Shin 

    T. Bandyopadhyay*  

    Debra Benson*   

    Tyra Burton*  

    Bob Gnuse*  

    Jennifer Hutchins* 

    Maria Kalamas*  

    Muhammad Obeidat* 

    Gregory Quinet* 

    Adriane Randolph*  

    Laura Robinson*  

    Jesse Schwartz* 

    Michael Serkedakis*  

    Russell Shaver*

    Samia Siha*  

    Mona Sinha* 

  • Jeffrey Collins 

    Ghazaleh Coulter 

    Kevin Dougherty 

    Bronne Dytoc 

    Ameen Farooq  

    Trace Gainey 

    Jonathan Gould 

    Lloyd Grant 

    Mine Hashas-Degertekin 

    Sandra Iskander 

    Parminder Juneja* 

    Zamila Karimi 

    Marietta Monaghan 

    Gregory Mullin 

    Garfield Peart 

    Hope Pollonais 

    Ray Sanavandi 

    keif schleifer 

    arief setiawan 

    Arezou Shafaghat 

    Ermal Shpuza 

    Jacqueline Stephens 

    Chris Welty 

    Jade Yang 

    Pegah Zamani* 

  • Karyn Alme *

    Bharat Baruah* 

    Joy Brookshire* 

    Tiffini Eugene 

    Dan Ferreira* 

    Melanie Griffin *

    Paula Jackson* 

    Marina Koether *

    Matt Laposata* 

    Troy Mutchler *

    Estella Quin* 

    Claudia Roper*  

    Matthew Weand* 

  • Ken Hoganson*  

    Chi Zhang*

  • Jesús Castro-Balbi

    Maria del Mar Ceballos

    Liza Davis

  • Kristine Hwang*

    Donald Robson*

  • Julie Newell*

Sustainable Courses 

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about sustainability in their coursework, here are some classes to consider. Remember to check Owl Express for registration schedules and Degreeworks to stay on track with your program. 

Also, be sure to reach out to the faculty teaching each course to confirm that Sustainability is still part of the curriculum in each session. 

Sustainable Courses - Fall 2023

Learning, Living, Lab Projects 

Submit a Learning Living Lab Project

Owl Swap

OwlSwap educates, inspires and empowers individuals to make the swap to live more sustainably through clothing. We create inclusive experiential learning opportunities, social equity programs and educational events that support our campus community. We have found that when people understand the impact that clothing and textiles have on communities, the environment and the economy, they make the swap to more sustainable habits.


Field Station

The Kennesaw State University Field Station, managed by the Office of Research, is a 25-acre property located along a tree-lined road parallel to Interstate 75 approximately two miles from the Kennesaw Campus.

Field Station

Field Station Market

Shop fresh, KSU-grown produce at the KSU Field Station Market presented by the Office of Sustainability. Located just five minutes from the Kennesaw Campus, the KSU Field Station provides a variety of teaching, learning and research opportunities for faculty and students. The Field Station Market is open on Thursdays at 11:00 AM until sold out on the Campus Green. KCash, credit and debit are accepted. In case of cold temperatures (45° or below) and/or rain, the market will be moved inside to the second floor of the James V. Carmichael Student Center. Please bring a reusable bag to transport your fresh produce from the Field Station Market to your home or office.

Field Station Market

Connecting Kennesaw State University to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the leading garment exporting countries in the world, and we want to hear directly from those who make our clothes. In an effort to learn more about working conditions, the environmental impacts of clothing production, and efforts in Bangladesh to improve the garment industry, this transnational research project was created.

In Fall, 2017, KSU Geography Professor Jason Rhodes and KSU students launched a collaborative research project with Sociology, Professor Shahidur Rahman and students, at BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Together, students worked to plan interviews with garment workers. At first, it was difficult to find garment workers who felt safe discussing the true conditions they worked in because the interviews were arranged by factory managers and took place on the factory premises.

man in bangladesh throwing a garment.

This changed when we discovered the AWAJ Foundation, an organization with over 40,000 members that works to advance the rights of garment workers in Bangladesh. Once in touch with AWAJ foundation, we were able to connect with workers who were eager to tell their stories. The students at BRAC continue to conduct interviews with garment workers and translate them from Bengali to English. Some of these interviews available to read below.