Commute Alternatives

Commuting accounts for 76 percent of KSU's annual greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, as the fifth largest employer in Cobb County, KSU contributes significantly to traffic throughout the region. 

Whether you are a student, staff or faculty member, KSU offers a number of commute alternatives to help you save money, conserve resources and be mobile without having to rely on a car.

    • KSU's Big Owl Bus (BOB) provides shuttle service across and between campuses. Check out their transloc app for real-time tracking data. 
    • CobbLINC, formerly Cobb County Transit (CCT) provides local bus service throughout Cobb County as well as commuter routes to and from downtown Atlanta. Many routes serve KSU; additionally, in 2018 CobbLINC will launch the 10X route serving universities along the I-75 corridor. 
    • Cobb County is home to over 100 miles of off-street bike paths.  
    • KSU offers a number of amenities for cyclists, including commuter showers, a bike shop for rentals and repairs, bike racks, and fix-it stations (Marietta campus only). Find these amenities and more on KSU's sustainability maps.
    • The core of both campuses fit within a ten-minute walk circle. Students, staff, and faculty, are urged to adopt a "park it once" strategy, and walk to meetings or classes, rather than driving between buildings.
    • Car idling, which often occurs when waiting for parking spaces, contributes to pollution and carbon dioxide; it also costs you increased money in gas and wear and tear. Please comply with KSU's Anti-Idling strategy and turn off your car if you will be waiting for more than ten seconds.
    • Carpooling can save you money and make your commute more pleasant. Sign-up with Georgia Commute Options to find a carpool partner near you.
    • KSU's Department of Transporation will be launching resources to help staff and faculty find ride-sharing options in spring 2017.
    • Need a car for an hour or a day?  Try Zipcar!
    • Increasingly, many people rely on ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft to commute or run errands, freeing people from the expense of full-time car ownership. 
  • KSU promotes alternative work schedules and telecommuting for staff and faculty to encourage work-life balance, to attract and retain qualified personnel, and to help limit our impact on the roads at peak traffic times.
    • Georgia Commute Options provides financial incentives to encourage employees to adopt a commute alternative. Log your commute daily to qualify for additional prizes and to demonstrate KSU's adoption of alternative commutes.