Administrative Staff

  • gunn

    Interim Assist VP/Asst Dean, Stdnt Affs & Exec Dir., Cnslg & Psych Svcs
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2422

    Licensed Psychologist

    Joined CPS: 2008

    Professional Interests: College mental health, suicide prevention and treatment, group therapy, and identity development.

    Education: Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Purdue University; M.A. Clinical Psychology, Western Kentucky University; B.A. Psychology, Asbury University

    Therapeutic Style: Interpersonal psychotherapist that is heavily informed by attachment and existential Theories. Therapeutic techniques are drawn from a gamut of approaches, but especially cognitive behavioral and acceptance and commitment theories.

    Supervision Style: Developmentally tailored and focused on 1) increased awareness of the therapist’s self and its impact on the therapeutic relationship, 2) development of an evidence-based, personalized approach to psychotherapy, and 3) multicultural and technical competence.

    Professional Accomplishments: Past President, American College Counseling Association

    Personal Interests: Tennis, travel, and being outside and around family and friends.

  • J. LaVelle Ingram

    Associate Director, Training & Part-Time Assistant Professor of Psychology
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2409

    Licensed Psychologist

    Joined CPS: 2014

    Professional Interests: Multicultural issues, LGBTIQ concerns, grief and depression, and supervision and training.

    Education: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Tennessee; A.B. Psychology, English, Smith College

    Therapeutic Style: A psychodynamic/interpersonal approach that focuses on understanding personality functioning, specific challenges, and optimal strategies for symptom relief and personal growth.

    Supervision Style: A developmental model that proceeds from the trainee’s level of understanding and need. Works to integrate classroom learning with experiential moments toward enhancing trainees’ ability to be present, utilize strategies, and communicate empathy effectively.

    Professional Accomplishments: Former Chief Psychologist, City of Atlanta; Past Director, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Counseling and Psychological Services; Past President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Black Faculty and Staff Association; Owner and Presenter, Diversity Dynamics, Inc.

    Personal Interests: Jewelry design and writing songs, novels, and screenplays, having published short stories, poetry, and a detective novel.

  • Greg Stevens

    Associate Director, Clinical Services
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2401

    Licensed Psychologist
    Joined CPS: 2015

    Professional Interests: Trauma, diversity concerns, and men's issues.

    Education: Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Auburn University; M.S. Mental Health Counseling, Lee University; B.A. Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, Lee University

    Therapeutic Style: A contemporary psychoanalytic approach that focuses on how people respond to their emotions, how this influences their relationships, and how these patterns might be reenacted in therapy.

    Supervision Style: A participant-observer who influences and is influenced by the matrix of supervisory relationships and balances support with challenge for professional and personal growth.

    Professional Accomplishments: Member and Past Co-chair, American Psychological Association Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology Early Career Committee; Presents and publishes professionally at the intersection of contemporary psychoanalytic theory and culture

    Personal Interests: Adventure-eating, creative writing, and modifying Jeeps for off-roading.

  • Wayne Strother

    Associate Director, Counseling & Psychological Services
    (470) 578-7391
    A 170h

    Licensed Professional Counselor
    Doctor of Public Administration

    Joined CPS: 2017

    Professional Interests: Depression, anxiety, mental health issues of college students, and developmental psychology.

    Education: Doctor of Public Administration, Valdosta State University; M.A. Marriage and Family Counseling, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Master of Business Administration, University of Alabama at Birmingham; B.S. Industrial Management, Auburn University

    Therapeutic Style: Cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on modifying thoughts that are overwhelming and challenging unhelpful cognitive distortions. Existential therapy that focuses on human existence including freedom, responsibility, and the meaning of one’s life.

    Supervision Style: A developmental model that views the supervisory relationship as educational and balances support with challenge for professional and personal growth.

    Personal Interests: Live music, running, reading, hiking, and traveling.

  • Nisah Chande

    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2427

    Board Certified Psychiatrist

    Joined CPS: 2015

    Professional Interests: Anxiety, mood disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, eating disorders, substance use disorders, psychosis, autism spectrum disorder, and gender identity concerns.

    Education: Psychiatry Residency, Emory University; M.D. Mercer University; B.A. Biology with Neuroscience minor, Wesleyan College

    Therapeutic Style: Works closely with CPS counseling staff and case managers, as well as with Student Disability Services, Student Health Services, and the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery to provide wrap around care for students. Recognizes that biological, psychological, and social influences interact and impact a person’s mental health.

    Personal Interests: Cycling, playing cello, and reading fiction.

Clinical Staff

  • Savanna Daugherty headshot

    Staff Therapist
    (470) 578-6600
    KSU Place Clubhouse

    Joined CPS: 2023

    Professional Interests: Trauma, adjustment and transition, religion, depression, interpersonal and relational issues, creative coping, couples, and self-exploration.

    Education: MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University

    Therapeutic Style: A psychodynamic approach to understanding present functioning considering lived experience. Interventions from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Cognitive therapy are used to gain insight and increase self-awareness.

    Personal Interests: Making pottery, reading, interior design, traveling abroad, and thrifting.

    Office Location: KSU Clubhouse

  • Kate Dorrough

    Staff Therapist
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2402

    Joined CPS: 2021

    Professional Interests: Eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image concerns; grief; interpersonal trauma; creative therapeutic expressions; identity development

    Education: BA Theatre Arts from University of Minnesota, MS Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from Mercer University

    Therapeutic Style:  An integrative approach using narrative therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to assist students in reauthoring their stories and living their values. 

    Professional Accomplishments: Certified Art4Healing® Facilitator, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

    Personal Interests: Hiking, gardening, painting, playing cards, traveling to new and familiar places

    Office Location:  Kennesaw Campus

  • Cindy Florido

    Staff Therapist
    (470) 578-2372
    KSU Place Clubhouse

    Joined CPS: 2022

    Professional Interests: Crisis prevention & intervention, trauma, anxiety, depression, Latino/Latinx culture, intergenerational trauma, grief & loss

    Education: Dual M.A. Forensic and Counseling Psychology, Holy Names University; B.A. Psychology, San Francisco State University

    Therapeutic Style: Client-centered approach using Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  I utilize intersectional, culturally-informed perspective to understand a person's unique identity and lived experiences. 

    Personal Interests: Exploring new ventures with my family and our dog, listening to podcasts, weightlifting, Bay Area sports. 

    Office Location:  Kennesaw Campus

  • Elisheva Funk

    Staff Therapist
    (470) 578-7391
    A 170I

    Joined CPS: 2018

    Professional Interests: Depression, suicide prevention, generalized and social anxiety, family issues, and children of divorce.

    Education: Master of Social Work with Family Therapy certificate, Boston University; B.A. Psychology, University of North Carolina

    Therapeutic Style: Person-centered therapy guides sessions while educating the client about their choices for treatment and encouraging self-reflection.  Tenets of dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are useful to help clients achieve their goals.

    Supervision Style: Finding a balance in teaching the fundamentals and nuances of our field while encouraging use of self to help others.

    Personal Interests: Cooking, hiking, reading, and music.

    Office Location:  Marietta Campus

  • Rachel Gustafson

    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2401

    Joined CPS: 2022

    Professional Interests:  LGBTQ+ issues, identity development, family of origin, religion and spirituality, trauma, and anxiety.

    Education: PsyD Clinical Psychology, William James College; B.A. Psychology, Calvin University

    Therapeutic Style: An integrative approach using techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to build coping strategies and emotion regulation skills, as well as humanistic and interpersonal therapy to explore an individual’s personal values and understand how an individual developed within their relationships and cultural context. 

    Supervision Style:  A developmental and strength-based approach focusing on collaborating with trainees to meet their specific training goals and encouraging them to create their unique therapeutic style

    Personal Interests:  Outdoor activities, Playing musical instruments, Taylor Swift, Broadway shows, Spending time with pets (a dog and a cat), and houseplants.

    Office Location:  Kennesaw Campus

  • Lunden Hawkins

    (470) 578-3225
    KH 2425

    Joined CPS: 2022

    Professional Interests: Identity Development, Interpersonal and Relational Concerns, Couple and Family Systems, Race and Culture-Related Stress

    Education: Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Chaminade University of Honolulu; M.S. Clinical Psychology, Argosy University Hawai'i; B.S. Family Studies and Human Development, Towson University

    Therapeutic Style: A psychodynamic approach that utilizes interpersonal and attachment-based insight to facilitate meaningful change and a deeper understanding of self  

    Supervision Style: A developmental approach focused on experiential learning, growth in clinical competencies, and increased understanding of self in clinical environments 

    Professional Accomplishments: Distinguished Graduate in Doctor of Psychology Program (Summa Cum Laude), Office of Vice Provost at Chaminade University; Outstanding Graduate of Psychology Award, Hawai'i Psychological Association; Top 100 Women of Maryland Award, The Daily Record Maryland

    Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends, yoga, traveling, and spending time outdoors

    Office Location: Kennesaw Campus

  • Maureen O

    Staff Therapist
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2413

    Joined CPS: 2017

    Professional Interests: Anxiety, trauma, family and relational issues, identity development, and eating disorders.

    Education: M.S. Professional Counseling, Georgia State University; B.M. Music Therapy, Florida State University

    Therapeutic Style: An integrative approach based on cognitive behavioral therapy, incorporating brief solution-focused therapy and mindfulness.

    Supervision Style: A developmental approach focused on self-awareness, motivation, and autonomy, monitoring dynamic changes within the supervisory relationship.

    Personal Interests: Playing music, hiking, going to concerts, traveling, and watching Florida State football.

    Office Location:  Kennesaw Campus

  • Opal Ojeda

    (470) 578-6600
    A 170

    Joined CPS: 2019

    Professional Interests: Anxiety and stress management, family issues, identity development, trauma, first-generation college students, supervision and training.

    Education: Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota; M.A. Community Counseling, Gonzaga University; B.A. Psychology, Brigham Young University-Idaho

    Therapeutic Style: Psychodynamic approach that looks at how early experiences form a person’s worldview and current patterns as well as influences from Person Centered and Cognitive Behavioral therapies. This manifests in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and concrete skills to help facilitate change.

    Supervision Style: A psychodynamic approach to supervision where it is important to focus on the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee as the basis for the work. While also taking a developmental approach that meets supervisees where they are and balances support with challenge to encourage personal and professional development.

    Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends, reading, crafts, and listening to podcasts.

    Office Location:  Marietta Campus

  • Sheldon Rifkin

    Psychologist & Part-Time Assistant Professor of Psychology
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2419

    Joined CPS: July, 2010

    Education: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Tennessee; M.S. Psychology, Temple University; B.S. Psychology, Brooklyn College

    Professional Interests: Mental health issues on college campuses, anxiety, depression, stress, interpersonal conflicts, motivation, study skills, time management, teaching, and clinical and forensic psychology.

    Therapeutic Style: A generalist with a multicultural focus emphasizing an interpersonal supportive approach that encourages personal growth, personal responsibility, and cognitive and emotional self-awareness, and will enable individuals to feel competent and self-directive in their approach to life issues.

    Supervision Style: An interactive observer and participant who is focused on challenging and enabling supervisees to learn and understand the value, limits, and significance of their professional role and skills, to develop and have confidence in their unique therapeutic style, to become aware of the impact of their feelings and perceptions, and to enhance their diversity of professional and personal skills.

    Personal Interests: Family, travel, and photography.

    Office Location:  Kennesaw Campus

  • Ramsey Rutherford headshot

    Staff Therapist
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2408

    Joined CPS: 2023

    Professional Interests:  Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Religion & Spirituality, Identity Development, and Mens Issues

    Education: M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Mercer University; B.S. Psychology, Minor in Religious Studies, Kennesaw State University

    Therapeutic Style: A Culturally-informed Person-centered approach, using Narrative Therapy to reauthor life stories that are no longer adaptive and Existential Therapy to push for growth and begin to implement change. Positive, warm, and empathic counseling allowing for students to feel understood and validated while discussion is challenging and direct in order to accomplish desired goals.

    Personal Interests: Being outdoors hiking and camping with two Pitties, reading fantasy books, experiencing different cultures, and playing board and video games with family and friends

    Office Location:  Kennesaw Campus

  • Afton Storno

    Staff Therapist
    (470) 578-6600
    KH 2415

    Joined CPS: 2018

    Professional Interests: Women’s issues, couples and relationship concerns, and difficulties obtaining self-acceptance.

    Education: M.A. Clinical Psychology with a Marriage and Family Therapy emphasis, Pepperdine University; B.A. Clinical Psychology, Clark Atlanta University

    Therapeutic Style: A client-centered approach to promote confidence in healthy decision making to ultimately obtain self-acceptance. The goal is to facilitate a non-judgmental atmosphere to fully understand and advocate your wants and needs.

    Personal Interests: Spending time with friends and family, visiting local restaurants and trying new food, shopping, exercising, traveling to amazing museums, and listening to music.

    Office Location:  Kennesaw Campus

  • Ariyanna White

    Assoc Dir, Case Management
    (470) 578-7391
    A 170F

    Joined CPS: 2021

    Professional Interests: Sex Therapy (relationship concerns, kink, sexuality, gender identity, non-traditional relationship structures), anxiety,  social anxiety, LGBTQIA+, identity development, body image, and autism spectrum disorders 

    Education: Master of Social Work, Kennesaw State University; B.S. Psychology, Southern Polytechnic State University

    Therapeutic Style:  An integrative approach that is based in cognitive behavioral therapy and self compassion as well as an individuals lived experience to encourage and support a client in reaching their goals.

    Professional Accomplishments: Mental Health First Aid Facilitator, Be Body Positive Facilitator, Gottman Training Level 1, GSCSW Board Member and Anti-Diversity and Racism Committee Co-Chair

    Personal Interests: All things games ( Tabletop, Video Games, Board Games), cats, movies & podcast 

    Office Location:  Marietta Campus

Military-Affiliated Students 

The transition to university life can be challenging for many students.  Military-affiliated students (i.e., Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, and ROTC) and student veterans may face different challenges than the typical college student. Our office is proud to provide support and services in this endeavor.    Give us a call or stop by our Kennesaw Hall office to schedule an appointment with Katherine.  

  • Clinical Case Manager
    (470) 578-3033
    House 3217 - 202

    Joined CPS: 2023 

    Professional Interests: Trauma, military, first-responder, latinx. transitioning/adjustment hardships, suicide prevention/postvention, anxiety, resilience, intimate partner violence, and family conflict.   

    Education: Master of Social Work Kennesaw State University  

    Therapeutic Style: A holistic approach using interventions from cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused brief-therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and mindfulness.

    Personal Interests: Spending time with family, friends, and dogs, traveling, crafts, watching and attending sports games, group exercise, doodling, music. 

    Office Location: Kennesaw Campus (Mondays)

Doctoral Internship Staff

Kennesaw State University's Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) Doctoral Internship in Health Services Psychology.

Clinical Trainees

The Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) office of Kennesaw State University (KSU) offers training experiences for masters and doctoral students in counseling, social work and psychology.

Pictured from left to right

Val Evanoff, Georgia State University, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program

Alec Prince, Georgia State University, Clinical Mental Health Counseling program

Zach Thomas, Georgia State University, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program

Qianyi Wang, Georgia State University, Counseling Psychology program

Madelyn Dorn, Kennesaw State University, Master of Social Work

Mallory McCoy, University of North Georgia, College Counseling and Student Affairs program

Caroline Stiles, Mercer University, Clinical Psychology program 

Counseling and Psychological Services is a function of the Division of Student Affairs.

cps trainees