Peter Allen

My name is Peter Allen, I am a graphic designer born in Canton, Georgia. However, I mainly grew up in Bogart, Georgia. After attending high school there, I moved to Kennesaw to pursue my BFA in Art at Kennesaw State University. I have primarily been enjoying working on logo design, poster design, and packaging design. Once I graduate I am excited to gain some professional experience and share my work with the world.

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Natalie Amella

Natalie Amella is a graphic designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Influenced by the music industry and DIY punk scene, she began creating merchandise and artwork for her favorite musicians as a teenager. Her portfolio ranges from an array of merchandise designs, posters, and digital collages, all aimed at making fans feel more connected to their favorite artists.

Her time spent as a graphic designer at Groundwork Agency focuses on working with clients on their branding and advertising material. The familiar, handmade charm of her art is a staple in showing her identity in her work.

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Bethany Bean

Bethany Bean is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Dallas, GA. Her passion for art began when she was in elementary school. As a child, she was always drawing and carrying a sketchbook with her everywhere she went. This passion only grew as she continued her education. Once she started to attend college, she discovered her passion for graphic design and chose a degree with a concentration in Graphic Communications.

Her need to learn more and improve her skills inspired her to progress and grow as a designer. She prides herself on her time management, communication, and dedication to her projects. Her goal is to have a fulfilling career where she can help clients communicate their messages with meaningful designs while also enjoying the design process herself.

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Olivia Bonniwell

Olivia Bonniwell is a Graphic Designer born and raised in Woodstock, GA. Before joining the College of the Arts at Kennesaw State University, she already had a sense and passion for graphic and interior design. This is because of her very artistic and DIY-centered parents who had her doing all kinds of art at a young age.
Olivia's best skills and preferred type of graphic design are Packaging Design and Social Media Design. Her design aesthetic mimics personal and natural while still maintaining a playful and fresh style. Outside of the digital design world, you can find her either creating ceramics or enjoying her free time with some video games. 

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Jaliyah Brantley

I am a graphic designer with a four-year degree Bachelor of Arts in Art with a concentration in Graphic Communications.  As a designer, I enjoy creating bold, edgy, and whimsical designs. Typically, I use vibrant colors and organic shapes to add a sense of excitement to my designs. My goal as a designer is to transport my client's ideas from imagination to reality.  I specialize in Adobe Suite software such as Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects, and Illustrator; I also have experience with UX/UI, Figma, and 3-D modeling software like Z-brush. Depending on the program, I have designed editorials, product advertisements, product designs, websites, and kiosk/mobile apps.

 Outside of graphic design, I am an artist, who has expertise in painting, colored pencil drawings, murals, and digital illustration. My love for art transformed from creating alien-like stick figures with large saucer eyes to surrealism. At the moment, my artwork depicts colorful distorted portraits of otherworldly people expressing intrapersonal dilemmas. 

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Audra Chang

Audra Chang is a graphic designer and artist based in Atlanta, GA. She developed an interest in design at a young age and garnered a passion for advertising, branding, and marketing. She has always loved history and incorporates art and design history into her work. In her free time, she enjoys festivals, video games, and hanging out with her cat.

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Alicia Corbitt

Alicia Corbitt is a Graphic Designer located in Kennesaw, GA. She is currently attending Kennesaw State University as a Graphic Communications major, where she has developed a passion for the world of visual communication.

As a child, she immersed herself in creative endeavors, constantly experimenting with new ideas and projects. All of her pursuits brought her to the conclusion that she simply loves bringing beauty into the world through art and design.

Alicia's expertise shines through her knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, with specialization in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.  At the core of Alicia's design philosophy is a profound love for beauty, authenticity, and curiosity. With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of color theory, her designs reflect the unique narratives and identities of individuals and brands.  She aims to create visuals that not only captivate but also connect, forging bonds between creators and their audiences. Every project is an opportunity to celebrate the genuine stories that shape our world. Her curiosity inspires her to explore new concepts, experiment with innovative design techniques, and expand the possibilities of visual storytelling.

She hopes to work for a company that wishes to add beauty to the world through design, and encourages a curious outlook on life. When she is not designing, she enjoys beautiful park walks, eating at fun restaurants, and making delicious desserts.

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Thien Dang

I am a digital and UX designer based in Georgia, as well as an animator. Design visuals that are both outstanding and captivating. I thrive on expressing joy and excitement via design, blending several unique aesthetics to bring into the world a whole new perspective from my design.

To express my creativity in a different way when I'm not working, I enjoy making quick animations as a side hobby.

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Destiny Easley

I'm a 22-year-old Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia. I work in different media styles such as video, digital illustration, and music production. My inspirations stem from different areas such as video games, cartoons, and horror. Works from popular broadcasting company Adult Swim have made an impact on me as a designer and I've been watching them for as long as I was able to. When combining my personality with design, I'm able to create unique works that everyone can enjoy and relate to.

I'm an easy-going and laid-back kind of person who's always willing to learn and grow, therefore becoming better than before.

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Charlotte Eaton

Charlotte Eaton is a highly skilled graphic designer specializing in brand identity, food packaging, and advertisement. Charlotte has a remarkable talent for creating captivating visual experiences. Proficient in the Adobe software suite, they possess a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of brand identity and composition customizable to each client. They are well versed in typography, digital illustration, and packaging design. Their meticulous craftsmanship, combined with a passion for innovation, has garnered them accolades and a diverse portfolio of successful projects from creative to corporate. 

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Charles Jordan

As a designer my inspiration comes from the finer things in life, overpriced everyday luxuries. My work is an effort to make basic items and ideas appear more grand and desirable, similar to how big brand names do with the simplest of products. My more recent projects explore the use of artificial intelligence programs to imitate high end product photography for the purpose of advertising and marketing. I believe that all you need is a bold image, a splash of color, with minimal text, and you can sell anything.

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Miranda Litkea

Miranda Litkea is a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree graduating in December 2023 from Kennesaw State University. Having started her college career in Architecture, Miranda came to the realization that she was more interested in the design aspect and decided to reach for new goals. After changing majors she began growing her design skills and knowledge to help communicate through her creative and unique designs. While she is open to designing a multitude of projects, she finds joy in designing packaging for products. Miranda is detail-oriented and hopes to create work that always pleases the clients.

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Kiana Melendez

Kiana is a graphic designer and illustrator celebrated for their unmistakable style, a fusion of the macabre and maximalism. Their artistic style has been profoundly influenced by an unshakable fascination with the enigmatic and the unconventional, leading to a truly distinctive approach to design and illustration. Embracing the Death's head moth as both a symbol of themselves and their artistic essence, Kiana draws from its nocturnal and occult associations, finding beauty in the eerie. Their work is a captivating amalgamation of graphic design and illustration, harmoniously weaving together elements inspired by gothic literature, occult symbolism, and surrealism.

Their preferred medium of work is in Charcoal, Pastels, and watercolor for traditional arts as well as digital art for other kinds of illustrations to show off their hatching and distinct line art. Kiana also enjoys sculpting either with Polymer clay or traditional clay, Kiana enjoys making small charms and knick knacks that are occasionally sold. During their tenure at Kennesaw State University, Kiana cultivated a strong work ethic, nurtured an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and honed the ability to excel both within collaborative team settings and as an independent creative force. Now, armed with a wealth of skills and a thirst for new experiences, Kiana eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute their unique talents to future endeavors.

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Myranda Mills

Myranda Mills is a graphic designer & illustrator based currently in Acworth, Georgia. Growing up she always had a passion for art. Myranda was constantly drawing, painting, and crafting from a young age. Born and raised in Albany, Georgia, Myranda moved to Kennesaw area to further her education at Kennesaw State University perusing a BFA with a concentration Graphic Communications. There she developed a proficiency with Adobe Suites.

Myranda's works are heavily inspired by psychedelic art, music, comics, and cartoons. Her goals as an artist is to be well-rounded and make work that is fun, giving people that see it a happier day. Currently, she is working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Currently she is working with a client on a children's book as a designer and illustrator. Other than digital media, Myranda does enjoy creating other mixed media pieces. When she is not designing, she enjoys drawing, playing video games, reading, exploring new places, and spoiling her cat.

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Emily Molander

Emily Molander is a multi-disciplinary artist who specializes in Graphic Design, Film Photography, Illustration, and Ceramics. She enjoys creating cover art for album covers, taking photos while traveling, and wheeling throwing. Her art style is colorful, eclectic, and playful; however, she can adapt to different art styles when necessary. Molander has always had a passion for creating art, whether it be 2d or 3d. She is focused on taking her skills from different mediums and applying them to her designs.

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Emily Schuvart

I'm Emily Schuvart, but most people call me Schu. I've spent the majority of my life in the vibrant city of Atlanta, where the colors and shapes of the world have always danced in a unique symphony just for me. I have synesthesia, a condition that allows me to experience colors and shapes in response to various stimuli. It's as if the world around me is a living canvas, constantly shifting and evolving with every sound, taste, or emotion. 

When words fail to convey the kaleidoscope of my thoughts and emotions, I turn to the canvas and graphic design to speak the language of my soul. My artwork becomes a visual translation of the intricate web of colors and shapes that make up my perception of the world. In the world of art, I find solace, purpose, and limitless inspiration. I find fulfillment in every stroke, every pixel, and every artistic endeavor. 

My creative toolkit spans both traditional and digital realms. I use paints, brushes, oil pastels, and charcoal for traditional artistry. In the digital world, I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Figma, and Canva. This extensive range of mediums and software allows me to craft versatile and impactful artwork and graphics.

One of my favorite quotes, by Manuel Luz, encapsulates the essence of why I create: "We create because we are made in the image of the Creator. We simply cannot help it. This is why Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. This is why Homer told his stories. This is why Shakespeare penned his dramas. This is why David played the ten-string lyre. This is why children draw and play, act and imagine. That is who we are: Children of the Creator. We grasp at sunsets and attempt to paint them. We hear the sound of the ocean and compose sonnets in its honor. We see the autumn swans dance and we dance." 

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Natalie Vinelli

Natalie Vinelli is a student at Kennesaw State University receiving her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Communications. From a young age, Natalie has always been captivated by the natural beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. Her eclectic spirit and style allow her to create timeless designs rather than worrying about fashion or trends. With her experience in Illustration, Printmaking, Packaging design, and Website design she loves to create and grasp new skills along the way. Many of her works combine the beauty of nature with technology. Natalie is a capable addition to any company looking to energize and broaden its busines.

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Miriam Wagner

Miriam Wagner is an experienced graphic designer with a passion for bringing her clients' visions to life. With seven years of design experience under her belt, including three years as a dedicated freelancer, Miriam has honed her craft to perfection. She specializes in the art of branding, helping businesses and individuals create distinctive and memorable visual identities. Miriam's design philosophy revolves around making meaningful connections through her work. She understands the power of design in conveying messages, evoking emotions, and leaving lasting impressions. Her goal is to ensure that each design she creates not only fulfills her client's objectives but also resonates with their target audience. In recognition of her outstanding talent and dedication to the field, Miriam was honored as the 2023 Print and Graphics Scholarship Winner. Miriam's design toolbox is well-equipped, with proficiency in industry-standard software such as Adobe Suites, Microsoft Office, and Figma. This technical prowess, coupled with her creative flair, allows her to turn ideas into captivating visual realities. Miriam brings a wealth of professionalism, exceptional time-management skills, and an extensive design knowledge base to every project she undertakes. Her dedication to delivering high-quality work on time, every time, ensures client satisfaction.

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Claire Waters

Claire Waters is a graphic designer and illustrator studying at Kennesaw State University who will graduate with a BFA in Graphic Communications December 2023. She has been creating art for as long as she can remember by drawing. Now she has picked up new mediums such as watercolor and oil painting, inked illustrations, digital illustration, graphic design, and even book arts. She strives to create original and beautiful artworks incorporating her illustration works into digital design for a unique look that has a detailed and whimsical effect. Her goals are to experience as many mediums of art as she can so she can have a diverse and ever-changing style. Claire believes that life can be best enjoyed through art and design in how it can simply transform any experience and ultimately bring us happiness through its aesthetics. Art can truly be found in everything around us, so we should stop once in a while and enjoy it.

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EJ Weathers

Hello, my name is EJ. I am a professional graphic designer. I earned a BFA degree with a Concentration in Graphic Communications. I have the knowledge and experience to create unique and visually appealing designs. I have over 7 years of experience and work with several companies and many clients. I have a gifted creative eye for Art, and provide highest quality graphic design services. My goal is to complete projects for clients with the utmost maximum customer satisfaction. My expertise is in completing all types of work related to graphic designs such as creating logos, brand identity designs, product packaging designs, photo- editing, web designs, and much more.

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Kindall Wright

I am an Atlanta based, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist. My creative journey began at a young age and has evolved over the years as I have explored multimedia design. We live in a rapidly advancing world and design plays a crucial role in society and current

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