Sueda Akaybicen

Sueda Akaybicen, born and raised in Albania, is an Atlanta-based Artist who loves painting and designing projects that involve bright colors. She has worked on many projects ranging from posters, flyers, logos, and so much more. Her specialty is choosing color palettes to make any design pop and stand out. She is also most passionate about making posters that tells a story by utilizing the design elements. Sueda loves using bright colors and whimsical themes which makes her designs very unique. 

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Lizzie Butler

Lizzie Butler is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist devoted to making minimal designs that evoke an emotional connection with her client and audience. While solving design problems, she focuses on building communication and functionality in her work. She is passionate about typography, branding, packaging, and UI/UX design.

In addition to design, Lizzie has worked with beauty brands such as Elemis, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Gisou as a product photographer and content creator. This unique experience allowed her to enhance her composition skills and color theory knowledge. It also served as a creative outlet where she found much inspiration for her designs. 

Originally from Thomasville, GA, Lizzie currently is based out of Atlanta where she is earning her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Communications at Kennesaw State University and will be graduating in December 2021.  She plans on pursuing UI/UX Design post-graduation.

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Marina Cavanagh

Hello, I am Marina Cavanagh! I am a recent graduate from the Graphic Communications concentration at Kennesaw State University. My love for color and desire to create minimalistic designs fuel my compositions. With my Russian-American upbringing, I am able to contribute a different perspective into my designs. While I do love creating illustrations, my main passion lies in advertising. I am always glad to help wherever you may need me though and I see any opportunity as a chance to grow and improve as an artist. I am excited for the opportunity to be working with you on your next project!

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Asha Ford

Asha Ford is a multidisciplinary artist who will be graduating with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Graphic Communications in Fall of 2021. She enjoys anything relating to art and design. Her specialties lie in graphic design and motion graphics. What she enjoys the most is the creative problem solving aspect of the creative field. She has worked with both large companies as well as non-profits such as Yamaha, NetworkPenisula and more. She is a deeply curious being and becomes excited at the chance at realizing the invisible through her visual art abilities.

When she is not making art, she enjoys teaching herself new things such as the Spanish language or new skateboarding tricks.

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Abbie Lawrence

I’m Abbie Morgan, a graphic designer proudly graduating from Kennesaw State University in December of 2021 with a BFA in Graphic Communications. As a graphic designer, I love creating simple, welcoming designs that draw viewers in. I believe that graphic design should be straightforward, impactful, and visually pleasing. I am currently working as a graphic designer and social media manager for a local company and I have had the pleasure of doing freelance work throughout my college career as well. While I have gained experience in many different areas of graphic design, my passion lies in brand identity. I truly love helping a company achieve strong and cohesive branding through personalized logos, graphics, and social media content. I believe my attention to detail, thorough design process, and eye for alignment help me produce work that successfully targets my desired audience and communicates my desired message.

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