Coles Advising Team

The Coles College Academic Advising Team includes professional advisors in the Business Undergraduate Advising Center (BB 431) and designated faculty members in each department.

Not sure where to turn?  You should always start with the Advising Center. The professional advisors are the experts on the academic requirements of your Major. They will help you understand the KSU and Coles rules and procedures you must follow in order to obtain your degree. They can also direct you to faculty members or other offices for special situations.

The Professional Advisors in BB 431

  • Mr. Michael Gabriele
  • Ms. Cathy Jankowski-Moore
  • Ms. Stephanie Robison
  • Ms. Stacey Walkup
  • Ms. Shannon Wanco
  • Mr. Alan Ruehlman, Director of Advising

The faculty members who are official members of the Coles Academic Advising Team can also answer basic questions about academic requirements. But their special expertise is helping you with questions about the content of specific courses and how your Major courses relate to career options. Other faculty members serve as Career Coaches in each department, and they work with students participating in the Hughes Leadership & Career Program. You may also consult with any professor for their insights about the best preparation for your professional goals.

Faculty Advisors, by Department


  • heather hermanson

    Director of the Master of Accounting Program and Professor of Accounting
    (470) 578-6041
    KC 150

  • Senior Lecturer of Accounting
    (470) 578-6342
    BB 207

Economics, Finance, & Quantitative Analysis


Information Systems

  • radwan ali

    Associate Professor of Information Systems
    (470) 578-6042
    BB 452

  • herbert mattord

    Associate Director for the Center for Cybersecurity Education and Professor of Cybersecurity
    (470) 578-4741
    House 3495 - 220

Management & Entrepreneurship

  • james swaim

    Clinical Associate Professor of Management
    (470) 578-6317
    BB 363

Marketing & Professional Sales

  • randy stuart

    Associate Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales
    (470) 578-6477
    BB 242

  • keith tudor

    Interim Chair of the Department of Marketing and Professional Sales and Coordinator of International Business and Professor of Marketing
    (470) 578-6242
    BB 225