Register for a Business Course

If you are having trouble registering for a business course, choose from the topics below for information that may help you solve your problem:

  • Is the KSU Registration System open and are you eligible to register?
  • Do you meet the current prerequisites for the course?
  • Are you a non-business major seeking upper level courses?
  • Do you need to submit an Override Request?

Override Requests

Click here to learn about overrides

Make sure the KSU Registration System is open and you are eligible to register

  • Check the Academic Calendar of the Registrar’s website for the days/times the system is open.

  • Only currently enrolled students may register during the Early Registration period.

  • The Time Ticket section on the Registrar’s website explains how to find out your assigned registration time.

Make sure you meet the current prerequisites for the course

  • It is KSU policy that all students must meet the current prerequisites for courses, regardless of when they started at KSU.

  • You can find the current prerequisites for a course in the Courses section of the online KSU Undergraduate Catalog.

  • You can also find the current prerequisites for a course in the KSU Registration system. Use the Class Search function, and when you have a listing for a course, click on the course title to get the detailed course information, which includes the current prerequisites.

Information for Non-Business Majors

The Coles College Partner (CCP) Program allows non-business students in select major, minor, and certificate programs to enroll in upper-division (3000 and 4000 level) required and elective Coles College courses, for which they have satisfied the prerequisites.

View the courses for which you can register without a prerequisite override, organized by majors/minors in the Coles College Partner Program.

If your situation is listed below, submit a Special Override Request:

* Students do not formally declare intentions of completing certificate programs and, therefore cannot be tagged in the system to enable automated registration for upper level business courses.

** Due to accreditation standards, there is a limit on the number of business courses non-business students can take. Preference will be given to students, business and non-business, who need a course for their degree requirements. Please note, you must also satisfy the course prerequisites.

Do you have any Course Substitutions?

The KSU registration system cannot “read” the course substitutions in your file. It will not let you register for a course if you have a substitution for the prerequisite. A common example is a substitution of MATH 1107 for ECON 2300. If you have a course substitution for the prerequisite of a course you want to take, you must submit a Prerequisite Override request using the Coles online request system. 

Coles online request system