BUSA Courses by Academic Year

In order to prepare you for success in your business degree, this program supports academic and professional development. Our BUSA courses are broken down by your academic year so you know what to expect along the way. You will have opportunities to personalize your experience by engaging with the relevant activities that are meaningful to you and your career goals.

Freshman Year

BUSA 2150: Discovering My Major and Career

Freshmen will research business majors, careers of interest, areas of demand, salary potential and entry requirements to aid them in progressing through their degree with purpose, on track and on time. Students will also use InterviewStream to video themselves answering questions regarding their defined career and major objectives and meet with a career coach to set goals to refine written and oral presentation skills and body language. Required for admission to Coles College. Prerequisite: ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102

Key Student Benefits

  • Research business majors and your CAREER OF CHOICE
  • Identify SALARY potential and entry requirements
  • Refine written and oral COMMUNICATION skills
  • Begin working with your CAREER COACH

Sophomore Year

BUSA 3150: Developing My Career Essentials

Sophomores will explore their talents and leadership skills and become more self-aware through assessments such as Clifton Strengths. This course is designed to help define and maximize their talents and associate their strengths with a career path. Students will work with a career coach on completing their targeted career resume and practice for professional interviewing. Required after admission to Coles, prior to graduation. Prerequisite: BUSA 2150

Key Student Benefits

  • Work in Clifton Strengths to identify and explore your TALENTS
  • Develop your talents into COMPETITIVE STRENGTHS
  • Enhance your PROFESSIONAL communication skills
  • Continue working with your CAREER COACH

Junior Year

Juniors will focus on applying professionalism in all aspects of their job search and career to prepare them for post-graduation success. A series of modules are designed to enhance interview skills and business etiquette, help them create an elevator speech and personal brand, and refine their leadership skills. Students will gain experience in collaborative team building, creative and critical thinking, negotiation skills and planning for after graduation. Students will identify their personal leadership style, create/update a LinkedIn profile and evaluate job offers with a career coach. Required after admission to Coles, prior to graduation. Prerequisite: BUSA3150

Key Student Benefits

  • Identify your personal leadership STYLE
  • Create your personal BRAND and elevator speech
  • Manage your SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Work with your Career Coach to plan post-graduation SUCCESS